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[Editor Charlie sez: This post orginally appeared on December 15, 2011 and in light of Gary Shapiro’s recent  editorial–still looking for that copyright law that passes the CEA purity test–we thought it might be time for a reprise.  See also David Israelite’s excellent op ed responding to Shapiro.  Yes, like Diogenes, Gary Shapiro wanders the earth in search of “reform” he can support.  To paraphrase Saul Alinsky, when they stop asking for reform, you’ll know they finally have the bullets.]

We are reviewing the public statements of the lobbyist Gary Shapiro, a leading voice in the anti-copyright lobbying crowd for over a decade.  Why?  Because his speeches have a Groundhog Day aspect making me think “I swear I’ve heard this before.”  And it turns out that I have.  Many of the same phrases keep showing up in his public language, and not just once or twice–but for a decade.

Here’s a little…

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