Bring Out Your Dead: Goldieblox Gets Superbowl After Ripping Off Dead Guys and Marketing by Lawsuit

Remember this as you watch the GoldieBlox’s Superbowl Ad.

The lesson our daughters will learn from GoldieBlox’s permissionless use of the Beastie Boys’ song and their publicity generating preemptive lawsuit:

Daughters, don’t be engineers. If you want to be to be rich and famous follow me.  If you want to get a whole Superbowl of publicity do what I do.  Rip off dead guys. File lawsuits. Ignore the spirit of the law. Always try to find a loophole.  Never ask permission.  If told “no” do it anyway.  Claim your personal greed is for the greater good. Do whatever it takes to get attention.   For if you have expensive lawyers on your side you can do anything.

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UPDATE: Goldieblox was given permission to delay their filing responding to the Beastie Boys claims until…wait for it…after the Superbowl.  I know–what a coincidence.  A filing that was made on January 27–a couple days before the “announcement” that Goldieblox would win the Intuit “contest”.  Thanks to Adland, there seems to be a few Twitter bots at work in the Intuit Small Botnet Contest….

I know that MTP readers will find it about as shocking as gambling at Rick’s, but in the Great Circularity, tech company Intuit had the extraordinary bad taste to reward serial dead guy-infringer Goldieblox with a Superbowl ad.  This was, of course, the object of the exercise when they ripped off the Beastie Boys and then sued the band.  (After they also ripped off Freddie Mercury and Queen in a different ad).

This is reported in the tech press with the usual bias such as this…

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3 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Dead: Goldieblox Gets Superbowl After Ripping Off Dead Guys and Marketing by Lawsuit

  1. Yeah sadly David, that’s the message sent to boys as well as girls these days… ROI for stockholders (or big venture cap) is all that matters. Right and wrong are meaningless to these people, and sadly many children are being taught this is okay by their parents. i always fall back to,, you want a great return on investment? Don’t care about right or wrong or human suffering? Want customers for life? Want to control supply and demand and price fix? Best business in the world… crack dealer! SO since just about all rational people would agree that is not an acceptable business model,yet somehow the above is not only acceptable but to be lauded, could someone please tell me where is the line? Cause I dont see one….

  2. It would appear that to say the Judicial System in our country is compromised; corrupt; elitist; unlawful, profoundly unethical and “spiritless”(David, you are a force of truth to be grateful for ,yet I believe that you give our Judicial System too much credit)– would be tantamount to saying that a bear “poops in the woods”— The analogy may be redundant to some of us and enlightening to others— And to those who already know all this….so?

    However let me ask this : Are you,all of us, in this country–, are WE- prepared for the day that our rights as human beings; citizens of the great and unequaled United States; employees of the month; ex-hippies sold into slavery to the right wing Republican; or the Democratic faction defined hereto as the ” left-over half of the chicken breast” (skinless and boneless)-so I have read— are “We The People” ready to face the real, the dignified, the righteous Men and Women in Black with their gavels pounding out injustice; with their tightly pressed robes worn with just enough-room-to hiss- contempt– with the audible sound of the “cha ching” rattling in their pockets to the tune of “You cannot bring me your hopes and beliefs and trust thinking that would ever be enough to outweigh the life I lead from the money, money, money I get for “Justice Being Blind” ? You Have no rights; you have no power; you have NO shot at redemption–Your belief that your “rights will be equally defended, protected, and never ended are a Constitutional hiccup… , You are of no consequence to this legal system; you are of no consequence to the forward march of “Justice”.

    Hey, we are ( and I revere animals)the bears that poop in the woods….looking for food and warmth and safety..
    Get real…We are just the end of the food chain– but not for the bears—we are the feeding tube of unique and valuable cultural gifts for this country — we created the” goods” that now belong to thieves both small and Giant- This country protects the PIRATES, not the CREATORS This despicable and shameful relationship can be seen everywhere on your favorite ISP-the PIRATES are nurtured and sustained by GOOGLE (Musics #1 Enemy) and given a “home” by GOOGLE where anyone can download music for free; GOOGLE and The PIRATES share the revenue from ads placed on these “illegal” sites while the creator of the songs being stolen gets NOTHING..And then there is your deceptively friendly YOUTUBE, and the integrity-laden streaming sites– such as the well-loved PANDORA– who revels in its lies while it continues to want to rip off songwriters of MORE of their earned money–

    And while we are here let’s toast the success of all the other harmful, shameful, illegal internet sites and sources that remain intact, untouched, and well protected by a government –my government –that is supposed to protect its cultural communities’ creators and instead now stands almost alone as the country in this world not prosecuting the thieves and certainly Not protecting their own cultural community. And what laws got passed while I was asleep in my bed that protect THE GOOGLE MONSTER to the detriment and demise of everyone else? THey are the darkest source of embarrassment to this country —

    We are the disenfranchised cultural community of this Country.. We are the foundation upon which this country stands– defining itself culturally as a beacon of light for the creators in this world– this country allegedly is “the homeland” for all the musicians, composers, songwriters, painters, filmmakers, screenwriters, novelists and journalists and so on..We are your painting now–we are making history happen–but as the disaster feature film. We are now starving in every way and we are what this country will look like in 100 years– when a song from this time is heard only when some great and future mother is singing to her child and remembering when music was the Universal language honored and blessed by all and she sings out loud over and over again so her child might pass this one song on to the next generation
    And believe me–this is the End for the struggling songwriter/composer who writes with truth and passion everyday and every night, believing in the possibility that at some point, his songs will mean something to many–and that his music will touch hearts and souls and minds. His true intent is that his gift is to be SHARED, NOT STOLEN, GIVEN, NOT TAKEN — AND that the greater purpose of mankind– and why we are here– is to stand on Higher Ground where the humanity of mankind outweighs the disastrous steps it has taken–where anyone dedicated to freedom and equality can point his finger at those who would rob this country and the world forever of the beauty of music– and yell, “STOP”! And I need to believe in the probability that there will be a Judicial System ready to protect the rights of all us to hear the songs we were born to sing…..

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