Why The Music Business Continues To Stumble Toward Its Demise | Cognoscenti

Food for thought, for today’s new artists.

Modern capitalism’s shell game means bands aren’t getting the support they need; corporations have found a way to get it instead.

Marx believed capitalism would ultimately fail when the shift to mechanism displaced so many workers there would be no one left with enough money to buy the goods produced. In other words, no buyers, no market, ballgame over. His timing was off. The Industrial Revolution didn’t bring his theory of collapse to fruition, but Internet piracy did, and it’s why the music business as we’ve known it continues to stumble toward its demise.


5 thoughts on “Why The Music Business Continues To Stumble Toward Its Demise | Cognoscenti

  1. The tragic interplay here is between the dwindling middle class’ dwindling consumer power and the near-limitless supply of increasingly valueless “musical content.”

    I really don’t see how the value can ever be returned. The costs of distribution are so low that there’s room for profit for the distributors even at a return of zero for the creators — and even at zero there’s an unlimited supply of content.

    1. If there’s a nearly unlimited supply of “content” why are people still fighting to steal the music of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, etc? Ah… because music is not a commodity, and all “music” is not the same. Where are those hit records released under Creative Commons? No? OK, where are those hit TV Shows made under creative commons? No again? Ok, Ok, Ok… where are those hit movies made under creative commons? This is free culture’s epic fail… no one wants to invest in something where the return on that investment is stolen by internet corporations and not credited to the creator.


    2. The crushed middle class and the demise of the music industry isn’t a coincidence at all.

      The idea that there is a near limitless supply of music that anyone is interested in is beyond laughable. There is a flood of music online for free with bands giving away tracks all the time or you can stream them for free but hardly anyone does because 98% of it isn’t very good.

      1. The fact that there’s a lot of crummy music listeners aren’t interested in is irrelevant. There always has been a lot of bad music.

        Listeners are paying and artists aren’t getting paid.

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