Artists Rights Watch – A Collection Of Weekly Required Reading 09.08.15

Artists and Internet Stories from around the Web.

Why intellectual property rights matter | The Washington Times
* The Founders believed ownership of one’s labor is a natural right

What the Internet’s free culture has cost us in art | PBS Newshour

Film Producers Sue 16 Popcorn Time Users in Bid to Curb Piracy | PC Mag,2817,2490549,00.asp

The MovieTube Litigation Part I: Who Needs SOPA? | Law Theories

Hollywood, Silicon Valley Sharpen Their Swords in Piracy War | Variety

Amazon, Facebook and Google have the same secret  | Salon
* Our modern tech monopolies made billions and transformed the economy in different ways, but this was the base

With advertising on WDBJ-TV murder clips, YouTube sinks to new low | Vox Indie

Transparency for Thee But Not for Me: Google Tries to Censor India’s Link Rigging Investigation of Google | MTP

The Pirate Hunter | Williamette Week

The More Money Spotify Makes, The Less Artists Get Paid | Digital Music News

A Stream on Apple Music Pays Songwriters And Publishers 33% More Than A Stream On Spotify | Hypebot

Making Free Work (Hint Cannibalize Radio Not Sales) | Music Industry Blog

Imogen Heap: saviour of the music industry? | The Guardian

[RELATED] Understanding Music And Blockchain Without The Hype | Trichordist

WashingtonWatch: Pre-’72 Royalty Battle Adds Another New York Lawsuit | Grammy Pro

Radio Giants Facing Bicoastal Legal Demands to Stop Playing Pre-1972 Songs | Billboard

What EMI’s six-month sample amnesty means for the music industry | The Guardian

Rosanne Cash: ‘I’ve always been a union member’ | Local802afm

‘Halo,’ ‘Destiny’ composer Marty O’Donnell wins lawsuit against Bungie | Engadge

According To U.S. Big Data, We Won The Vietnam War | Forbes

Robert Reich: The sharing economy will be our undoing | Salon

The Hypocrisy of the Internet Journalist | Medium
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* I’m selling you out as hard as I can, and I’m sorry.

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