Geist is More than Unbalanced on Copyright: Note to American University @WCL_PIJIP @Sean_Fiil_Flynn ‏

I literally laughed out loud when I saw that American University Washington Law School Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property has invited the controversial Canadian academic Michael Geist to give a “balanced” talk on NAFTA, copyright and intellectual property.  (Editor note:  What IS information justice? How do “things” receive justice?)

Although Geist has largely managed to escape scrutiny in the US there has been plenty written about the professor and his Machiavellian machinations north of the border.  “Balanced” is not the word anyone familiar with Geist would use often to describe him. Especially if you want something other than conspiratorial narratives on rights holders and demagoguery.  IMHO “unbalanced” (see death threats article below) and “sleazy” (Lawbytes Inc, Poker, undisclosed connections to lobbyists) are probably more appropriate words to use when describing Geist (read articles below and you be the judge).

Let us just take the articles from a single blog that chronicle Geist and his many pseudo academic adventures with copyright policy in Canada.  Enjoy the reading!

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