Guest Post: Follow the Money: YouTube’s Failure to Pay Retroactively Gives “Conversion Rate” a Whole New Meaning

[Cross-posted from MusicTechPolicy] by Chris Castle A performance metric one hears from the digerati is the term “conversion rate.”   “Conversion rate” for a streaming service usually means the rate at which users of an ad-supported free service are “converted” to paying users.  That motivation is usually because they are so fed up with the … Continue reading

Is @MusicReports License Pitch for @OnePeloton the Equivalent of a Poor Person’s Class Action Settlement–Without Court Supervision?

You may have gotten a version of this letter (below) from MusicReports on behalf of their new client Peloton.  (How MRI came to be involved may have more to do with some of the unsavory aspects of the NMPA/HFA conduct alleged by Peloton than it does with the apparent fact that HFA hasn’t made arrangements … Continue reading

If Only Artists and Managers Had Listened To Us : Spotify Per Stream Rates Keep Dropping

We hate to say we told ya so, but… Below is our post from September 2015. Two years ago we predicted the inevitable truth of the all you can eat Spotify subcription model. Like many of our predictions and proposals (example; windowing titles) we’ve had to wait for the industry to catch up to us. … Continue reading

Clueless Spotify Defender Illustrates Tech Ignorance about Federal Cap On Songwriter Pay

Last night I posted this It has since gone viral.   It has also produced a remarkable display of ignorance on the part of many defending Spotify. Not to single out this one person but it illustrates how little tech types know about the compulsory licenses and government set pricing schemes that subsidize these … Continue reading

Songwriter Would Need 288 Million Spins To Equal Average Spotify Employee Salary

  Spotify just posted their financials and Paul Resnikoff at Digital Music News was quick to point out that the average Spotify employee salary is $168, 747. Contrast that to the plight of songwriters.  There would be no music business without the fundamental efforts of songwriters. Yet, there is not a free market in songs.  The … Continue reading

Confirmed: Google/Spotify Funded MMF is Trying to Replace Performers On PPL Board with Former Record Exec

Earlier this week we reported that it appeared that  UK Music Managers Forum was trying to replace Crispin Hunt and Mark Kelly as the performer representatives on the board of  UK PPL with former record executive and MMF CEO Jon Webster.  We now have the confirmation email: From: Fiona McGugan <> Date: November 13, 2015 … Continue reading

Spotify Per Play Rates Continue to Drop (.00408) … More Free Users = Less Money Per Stream #gettherateright

Down, down, down it goes, where it stops nobody knows… The monthly average rate per play on Spotify is currently .00408 for master rights holders. 48 Months of Spotify Streaming Rates from Jun 2011 thru May 2015 on an indie label catalog of over 1,500 songs with over 10m plays. Spotify rates per spin appear … Continue reading