Copyright Directive Opponents Getting Band Back Together, Announce European Tour- Guest Post by Volker Rieck

This is a guest post by Volker Rieck. The article has been translated from German and originally appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Link here.  We took liberties by changing the title of article for the English version.  Other minor phrasing has also been americanized. – David Lowery After the manipulation is before the manipulation On … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Political Hack – Guest Post Volker Rieck

Editor note:  This has been translated from original german text here. Of particular significance Mr. Rieck suggests that the websites associated with the  political hack,  OpenMedia, New/Mode, SaveYourInternet EU and (their cloned sub-websites appear to violating e-Commerce directive proper disclosures (ownership) and New/Mode violating GDPR on user data. Anatomy of a Policy Hack Part 2 … Continue reading

Article 13: Anatomy of a Political Hack- Guest Post by Volker Rieck

Guest post by Volker Rieck. Translated from German. Original article is here ‎ The anatomy of an assault on politics The New Testament narrates numerous miracles attributed to Jesus Christ. One of them is the feeding of the multitude: Jesus is described as having multiplied a few loaves and fish so that five thousand … Continue reading

European Internet “Self-Governing” Body Ignores Own Report and Continues to Serve Criminals

This article was written by my colleague Volker Rieck.  It has been translated from German. It originally appeared here.  While the failure of internet self governing bodies may seem far afield from my usual focus on artists’ rights, it is not.  Artist rights and royalties have been greatly diminished because of a market failure caused … Continue reading

EU Tech Lobbying: Tricks-Camouflage-Deception

  <Editors note   Original German Version of this article here.  We appreciate Volker connecting the dots for us in the increasingly murky lobbying campaign by Google against Article 13.  The counter-narrative has already started–Google is using cherry-picked facts to try to make Members of the European Parliament believe that they are being outlobbied … Continue reading

Dismal Turnout For Anti-Copyright Directive Protests in EU Suggests Little Real Opposition

Guest Post by Volker Rieck.  Translated from German.  Original here.  Astroturf instead of grass roots: When clicktivism meets hard reality Last weekend, several organizations called for a “Day of Action” with demonstrations throughout Europe against the planned EU Copyright Directive. Among the supporters of the events were the Pirate Party, the Left, the Greens and … Continue reading