The Google Funded Astroturf Group that Hacked The EU Copyright Vote (In Pictures)

  Who Hacked the EU Copyright Directive Deliberations? The EU parliament just went through a couple of contentious weeks in which they were overwhelmed with tweets, letters, emails and phone calls opposing Article 13 a section of the Copyright Directive that would have forced companies like Google to police their platforms better for copyright infringement. Last … Continue reading

RIPE is the FIFA of the Internet and it Enables Europe’s Internet Crime

This is a guest post  (translated from German) by Volker Rieck.  Mr. Rieck has spent considerable time investigating Private Layer a web hosting company that seems to be favored by many copyright infringing sites. Unfortunately Rieck’s investigation has been stonewalled by the quasi governmental organization RIPE.    According to Wikipedia: “RIPE or The Réseaux IP Européens … Continue reading

GUEST POST: With Other Companies Wide Awake to the Problem, When is the Penny Going to Drop for Google?

This is a guest post from Volker Rieck, Managing Director of the content protection service provider FDS File Defense Service.  WITH OTHER COMPANIES WIDE AWAKE TO THE PROBLEM NOW, WHEN IS THE PENNY GOING TO DROP FOR GOOGLE? The ongoing debate on the accountability of internet advertising networks intensified abruptly and dramatically in the first half … Continue reading

Canadian Government Funded Group Spamming Canadian Negotiators on NAFTA

It ain’t gonna spam itself. Spoiler alert: it’s the same group involved in recent EU cyberturfing on Copyright Directive. The Problem:  Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada provided funds to one of the Google backed astroturf groups engaged in a spam email campaign against Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland. The emails urge her to … Continue reading