Artists Rights Watch – Sunday Jan 13, 2013

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Artists Rights Watch – Sunday Jan 6, 2013

Happy New Year! Grab the coffee! Recent posts from The Trichordist: * First USC-Annenberg Brand Supported Piracy Report and Google Response * Trojan Horse: Orphan Works and the War on Authors by Brad Holland, Part 2 * Trojan Horse: Orphan Works and the War on Authors by Brad Holland, Part 3 * Trojan Horse: Orphan Works and the … Continue reading

Final Recap, News and Last Links of 2012…

Grab the coffee! Recent Posts: * What Can Songwriters Do: Copyright Office Comment Period Ends Today for Mechanical Royalty Statements of Account * The Return of Orphan Works: A Review of the 2008 Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act Part 1 * Ending Decade Old Arguments : How the Promise of the Internet has Failed Artists … Continue reading

Guest Post: The Supreme Court Should See Through Google’s Industrial-Strength Fair Use Charade

[This post first appeared on Morning Consult. The US Supreme Court will hear oral argument in the Google v. Oracle case on October 7] Google’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court of two Federal Circuit decisions in Oracle’s favor is turning into the most consequential copyright case of the court’s term — if not the decade. The appeal turns in … Continue reading

Press Release: @SGAWrites Welcomes Appointment of Shira Perlmutter as New Head of the Copyright Office

  [The Trichordist sez this is really great news!] The Songwriters Guild of America applauds the selection of Shira Perlmutter as the next Register of Copyrights.  Ms. Perlmutter has dedicated her entire professional career to serious study of the importance of strong copyright protections to maintaining a healthy democracy and a vibrant economy, and to … Continue reading

It sure costs a lot of money to give things away for free: Supreme Court Brief of @davidclowery, @helienne, @theblakemorgan and @sgawrites in Google v. Oracle Part 3

Google’s appeal of its major loss to Oracle on fair use is shaping up to be the most important copyright case of the year, if not the decade. It could set fair use standards for years to come. We’re going to be posting installments of the friend of the court brief that David, Helienne, Blake and The Songwriters Guild filed in the U.S. Supreme Court supporting Oracle in the Google v. Oracle fair use case. Continue reading

Publishers Sue Internet Archive over Fake “National Emergency Library”–Artist Rights Watch

[This post first appeared in Artist Rights Watch] As anticipated, several publishers have sued the Internet Archive run by the anti-artist technologist Brewster Kahle (a copy of the complaint is here, filed June 1 in the Southern District of New York).  The lawsuit concerns the Internet Archive’s so-called “national emergency library” which in reality is … Continue reading

Attention BrewBros: @SenThomTillis Asks Nicely That Internet Archive Stop the “National Emergency Library” Sham — Music Technology Policy

MTP readers will no doubt have been following the absurd “National Emergency Library” scam that anti-artist activist Brewster Kahle is pushing to the great satisfaction of the BrewBros.  BrewBros based the “National Emergency Library” on a “superpower” interpretation of fair use (no, that’s really what they said) that is yet another example of a very … Continue reading

Guest Post: Superpowers In River City: Anti-Artist Activist Brewster Kahle’s Revealing “National Emergency Library,” the Faux Triumph of Privilege

by Chris Castle [This post first appeared on ArtistRightsWatch] If you’ve ever seen the classic musical The Music Man, you will remember the stereotypical character of “Marian the Librarian” who was romanced by the grifter Harold Hill.  When it comes to the Internet Archive, we’re way past Marian but we have a whole new character in … Continue reading