A host of organizations have come together to create, a website that explains the ins and outs of the CARE Act, the pandemic relief bill.

Spend some time on the site and learn about the many cash resources made available by the historic legislation.  The good news is that self employed and small business can take advantage of funds, but move quickly because the funds are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Big thanks to RIAA for putting this together so quickly.  Visit to know what’s on offer.  You may also find the return of the Carte Musique to be of interest as in this post from Chris that is getting uptake in some policy circles it limits the purchasing power to tracks bought from a local retailer.  Again–Carte Musique cannot be used at Amazon but can be used to buy directly from a participating store.  The Carte could be cosponsored by big brands even for tours with tour branding.

#DoStuffAtHome To the Rescue!

You probably know DoStuff as Do512 or DoLA or another of their many handles as the premier local events website.  Now that artists are starting to hit the virtual venue space as a real thing, DoStuff has responded with which is a directory of the many virtual shows around the country.

A good example is DJ Mel’s Living Room Dance Party which features a DJ set by Austin’s own DJ Mel which he hosted on his Facebook page and draws over 6,000 people for a fabulous community dance party on Saturday night.  And he raised money for good causes with a $10,000 boost from Tito’s Vodka.  Shout out to Tito’s!

Check it out, list your event, keep the faith.  This will be our finest hour.