Will Ferrell – Anchorman 2 – Anti-Piracy News Cast

Everybody listen up! The legend Ron Burgundy has teamed up with FindAnyFilm.com to tell you how to get real Moments Worth Paying For.

Note: it’s not with smelly pirate hookers.

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The Trichordist Random Reader News and Links Sun Apr 22

Grab the Coffee!

Here’s some interesting stories and links we discovered or were sent during the week. These may not be stories OF the week, as we share them as we find them.

German Court Rules Against YouTube in Copyright Case:

Supporting Copyright Is Not The Same as Opposing Free Speech:

Rapidshare Writes Four Page Anti-Piracy Manifesto:

Interesting interview Between Ben Watt of Everything But The Girl and Journalist/Author Robert Levine:

Musician / Composer Mark Isham Launches ibuymymusic.org

TechDirt Goes on the Defensive after Gearslutz thread asks, “Why does TechDirt hate musicians”:

The Chicago Reader Picked up On David Lowery’s “New Boss, Worse Than Old Boss” as posted at TheTrichordist.

Another shout out to TheTrichordist, this time from The Cynical Musician: