Grammy Award Nominated Black Keys Exploited by… American Express Delta Airlines Card, AT&T, Dish Network, M&M’s (Mars), Nissan and others…

The Black Keys have been very vocal about their opposition to the payment and revenue models of new streaming services like Spotify, but we wonder how the band will feel when seeing their music generating ad revenue for commercial level infringing websites like Filestube, Mp3 Twister, Share Beast and Mp3 Boo all as from a simple Google Search.

We also wonder if any of these brands will be advertising during the Grammy Awards for which the band is nominated for Best Album. These are major brands such as American Express, Delta Airlines, Dish Network, Nissan and M&Ms. All of whom we’ve seen running television advertising campaigns for their products and services.

Here’s a quick look at a random sampling of sites from searching Google. This is despite what might be hundreds or more likely thousands of delisted links from legitimate DMCA notices. Mind Boggling…

American Express Delta Airlines Card on Mp3 Twister
AT&T on Mp3 Twister
Dish Network on Mp3 Twister
M&M’s (Mars) on Share Beast
Nissan on Mp3 Boo
Movie 43 (Relativity Media) on Mp3 Boo
Exposed Webcams on FilesTube


Despite the amount of delisted links, presumably to the largest infringers, the pirate bay can still top the search results listed. Also interesting is that the reach of the ad networks seems to go very deep into a long tail of very dispersed infringing sites like Mp3 twister. It appears that as brands and agencies are learning of their ads appearing on infringing and illegal sites, the ads are starting to migrate down stream to perhaps previously less visited sites.







What is disturbing about the ad above for Movie 43 on Mp3 Boo is that it is for a film by Relativity Media, a Hollywood film production and distribution company. It’s entirely possible if we looked for this film it may already be leaked and pirated, and if not, most certainly will be within hours on the day it is theatrically released.


Also of interest in this batch are the porn site ads on FilesTube. Isn’t this some kind of public safety issue that minors under 18 years of age who are visiting these infringing sites to get free music illegally are being exposed to pornographers showing girls who are barely legal themselves at just 18 years old?

Is this really acceptable to our representatives on Capital Hill?