YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: ‘The Music Industry Died Because Of The Piracy’

More and more artists, across more and more genres are recognizing the truth of the last decade. Musicians are more exploited and less empowered.

Classic Rock Revisited: The Internet changed a lot for the industry; piracy has certainly had a hand in changing the game. Do you think that piracy can be beneficial to some of those bands starting out? How has it affected you?

Yngwie: How could it possibly be positive? If you go into a store and you see a car that you like, you can’t just drive off with it. The cost and the blood and sweat and tears that go into making music is the same thing, it’s not free. Try telling the engineer and the producer that they have to work for free. It’s utterly bizarre. It’s like just going into a store and taking things off the shelves. It’s stealing. The reason there are no bands coming out now is that the money that was once there is not there anymore. So what happened was, in essence, by pirating music, you kill the music industry. The music industry died because of the piracy, and now all the fans will have no new music. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a direct consequence of that.


Megadeth Drummer Says Piracy Has Hurt Sales of New Album

There are more and more artists everyday realizing what we’ve know for well over a decade, that artists and creators are the victims of technocratic imperialism and labor exploitation. The latest is Shawn Drover of Megadeth.

Metal-Rules.com: “Super Collider” debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 albums in the USA and #4 on Canadian Billboard charts. That’s the highest ranking since “Youthansia” back in 1994, so congrats! According to sales figures, “Super Collider” sold below “TH1RT3EN” for week oneā€¦ Do you attribute that to changing times, illegal downloading, etc?

Shawn Drover: Of course it is. We are certainly thrilled to have a #6 record on Billboard in America and #4 in Canada, but sales are way down for the entire music industry right across the board, which is a real drag. Internet piracy, torrent sites and all that are the reason why. Concert attendance for us is still great around the world, so we are definitely happy about that.

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