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This past (two) weeks posts on The Trichordist:
* Declaration Of Free Milk and Cookies
* CopyLike.Org – It’s Not Stealing, Are You Sure?
* Musician’s POV: Five Things Spotify (and others) Could Do Today to Level the Playing Field for Independent Artists
* Second Nyan Cat Award Goes To The Fake Thomas Jefferson And His Copyleft Creators
* PETm : People For The Ethical Treatment Of Musicians
* The Return of Orphan Works: A Review of the 2008 Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act Part 1

The attempt for another land grab of creators rights is brewing again, this time in the UK. The video below is an introduction and explanation to get you up to speed. More in depth reporting from Music Tech Policy at the link below:

Artists, Musicians, Creators – U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel is asking for you to “Help Us Shape Our Strategy for Intellectual Property Enforcement.” You can comment directly at this link:!submitComment;D=OMB-2012-0004-0002

We’re very encouraged to see ethical practices by some corporate citizens. PayPal puts on the white hat in support of artist and creators right, denies payments to “File Hosting” site operators, Torrent Freak Reports:
Related from Torrent Freak:
Could these policy changes be the result of one man? Torrent Freak Reports:

Uh Oh… CNET Is Now Facing Hundreds of Millions In Piracy Infringement Penalties… Digital Music News Reports:

Why copyright matters. Beginning in 2013 individual artists become illegible to regain ownership of their masters via termination of transfer of copyrights. This issue alone illustrates the value of copyright to all musicians.

Forbes reports on Google’s Piracy Liability. Essential Reading:

Google misled consumers about their privacy, the FTC’s investigation shows. Google may have to pay $22m fine, Ars Technica Reports:

Fascinating post from 1709 Blog challenges the ISP “Dumb Pipe” and DMCA qualification as such. Contextual Advertising is based on informed knowledge of user behavior, hardly “dumb pipe.” Read more at 1709 Blog (which should be on your blogroll as well!):

David Lowery interviewed by Andrew Orlowski in the UK’s Register, “Lowery: The blue-collar musician at the eye of the copyright storm.”

Copyright Alliance reports on the artists appearing and supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership which protects IP and Artists Rights:

CopyLike.Org – It’s Not Stealing, Are You Sure?

Infringing our rights is OK,
because it’s not stealing?
Are you sure?

Copyright protects things that aren’t physical, so we agree that
downloading illegally is not technically “stealing”.

But does that make it OK?

We put our heart and soul into our work. It’s ours.

If you copy our work without our permission, you take away our
rights, but not physical property, and you think that’s OK?

How about we come around to your house and take away
your right to privacy when you’re in the toilet?

It wouldn’t be stealing.

Defend Copyright.
It’s All We Have Left.

CopyLike.Org – If You Like Open Source and Creative Commons

Check out this Organization:

If you like open source software,
or Creative Commons licensing,
then you like copyright.

Open source software relies on copyright to force all future
development to remain open. Without copyright the orginal
creator wouldn’t be able to stop people closing his code.

Creative Commons licenses let us decode what rights to give
away. For example, we can allow people to use our work only if
they credit us, or only for non-commercial purposes.

Copyright gives us these choices. Without copyright, anyone
could use our work for anything, including selling weapons.

That’s a very good reason to like copyright.

Defend Copyright.
It’s All We Have Left.

CopyLike.Org – Music is Free!

Check out this Organization:

People often tell us: 
“Find other ways of making money!
Music is free!”

Would you do your job for free? Why should musicians make
their music for free and then find “other ways” to make money?

Would you throw a plumber out of your house without paying?

Would you tell him, “Hey buddy you should sell some
t-shirts instead! I’m not paying for this plumbing, plumbing
is easy! You’ve even got a van, you’re probably rich! No go and
do all my freinds’ plumbing for free!”

No, you probably wouldn’t say that.

Defend Copyright.
It’s All We Have Left.

CopyLike.Org – We Do This For The Love

Check out this Organization:

We do this for the Love,
But unfortunately the supermarket
doesn’t accept love, they want money.

You might have heard that music is very cheap to make these
days and computers make everything easy, and you don’t even
have to be able to sing.

That’s partly true. Big businesses have made a lot of money
selling cheap crappy junk to you. But that’s not our fault,
we’re real artists, we make real art.

Art takes time, its not easy at all. If you don’t believe us
try writing a song or directing a movie.

We all need to eat and keep warm. If we want to charge
anyone for our work, why should we feel any shame?

Defend Copyright.
It’s All We Have Left.

CopyLike.Org – Pay Creators Like You Pay Everyone Else

Check out this great organization:

It looks like you don’t want to pay
for us to create stuff you like.
Why do you pay everyone else?

Some people think there’s no harm in making illegal copies,
and the price of copies of our work should be zero.

They think only big companies love copyright, using it to do
evil things. That’s only part of the truth.

Copyright begins with the creator. It’s the only weapon
we have to force big companies to negotiate with us, instead of
just ripping us off.

You gave all your money to phone companies, internet service
providers, laptop manufacturers and enormous breweries.

There’s nothing left for us.

Defend Copyright.
It’s All We Have Left.


CopyLike.Org – Evil Corporations, We Don’t Like Them!

Check out this Organization:

We know that there are
evil corporations in the world.
We don’t like them.

With copyright laws, we get to decide who can use our work,
and how much that have to pay for it.

If we want, we can give it away for free to our favourite charity,
or as a gift to our fans and supporters.

If a company wants our music, we can tell them yes or no.
If they steal it, we can take them to court.

That’s one of the reasons we like copyright.

Defend Copyright.
It’s All We Have Left.