Weekly Recap Sunday Nov 4, 2012

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Recent Posts:
* Techdirt Is A Never Ending “Dumb Off”
* Untruth in Advertising: Pandora’s Misleading Plea To Listeners On Behalf Of The Internet Radio “Fairness” Act.
* Mellencamp Character Assassination. The New Republic Bravely Stands Up For Corporations and Criminal Groups That Exploit Artists.

From Around The Web:

Ars Technica
Artist who sued Twitter over copyright declares victory—via settlement
The Russian underground economy has democratized cybercrime
Google settles Rosetta Stone lawsuit, its last major dispute over AdWords

Friday’s Endnotes – 11/02/12

Music Producer Tunnidge via Facebook
Tunnidge Facebook Post
“I am going to try and be as obvious as possible. Without being able to make money from our music it effects greatly our ability to make the music, more often it stops us.”

Vox Indie
Where’s Our Outrage When Internet “Free Speech” is Really Under Attack?
Blogspot.com, a Bridge to Piracy?

The Illusion Of More
On Letting Foxes Mind Chicken Coops

The Register UK
The Big Debate: OK gloomsters, how can the music biz be FIXED?

Zoe Keating
Towards a manifesto
“We can’t just hope that the interests of music and technology companies will always magically align with ours. We have to participate in the process. Otherwise, we just have to accept that anachronistic legislation, policies and deals will continue to be written without our input. We need public policy that reflects us. We need fair royalty schemes. We need companies to build our interests into their business models.”

Popup Pirates
Theft is not “Free Speech”

Music Tech Policy
Mellencamp Is Right, Brand-Supported Piracy Screws Songwriters AGAIN: Snakes in the Grass, @McDonalds, Google and Other Species of Vermin

Digital Music News
It Gets Worse: Pandora Executives Have Dumped $63 Million In Stock In the Last Year…
13 Extremely Scary Things About the Music Industry Today…

Tape Op

Copyright Alliance
“Without free speech, copyright protection is meaningless. The two rights are critical to artists and combined have proven to be a powerful force for social justice around the world. That is why we consistently and openly advocate for a fair and open internet that champions free speech as well as respect for authorship.”

Torrent Freak
Piracy Topsite Operators Handed Suspended Jail Sentences
IMAGiNE BitTorrent Piracy Group Members Jailed
BitTorrent Pirate Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million Damages For Sharing 10 Movies
Link ‘Pirate’ Sentenced to Pay $13,000 to NBA, NFL, NHL, WWE and TNA

The trouble with Adsense – abusive porn ads on The Star news site [NSFW]

The Trichordist Random Reader News & Links Sun May 6

Grab the Coffee!

Probably the biggest story of the week is the UK has ordered it’s ISP’s to block access to The Pirate Bay, the BBC reports:

You may recall that The Pirate Bay lost their final appeal back in February and are headed to jail, Time reports:

Here is an insightful editorial from the Boston Phoenix on the new music “Super PAC” model and asks some very interesting questions about Amanda Palmer’s record Kickstarter campaign while giving a shout out to David Lowery’s, “New Boss / Old Boss”. Highly Recommended Reading.

Digital Rights Corp will track and remove your titles from Torrent File Sharing sites, Contact them from more info:

Remix without Romance How Free Culture Get’s It Wrong, from Copyhype:

Hypebot reports that Reddit is attempting to “Crowdsource” a hit song… isn’t that what labels have been doing for decades? Bookmark this one…

Tech contradicts itself (again), “Freemium” no longer viable, must give away valued content, HypeBot reports:

There was a major dust up this week as Prof. Jonathan Taplin of the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab challenged the tech establishment on artists rights. The tech community’s hatred of artists seems to have come to boiling point. The situation is both disappointing and disrespectful, Fast Company and Tech Dirt report:

More evidence that Touring is NOT the solution for musicians in the digital age, Digital Music News reports:

Google is watching you, believe it. While Google is spending record amounts of money lobbying, and trying to convince you that the protection of artists rights is a “censorship” issue, they continue to challenge the law by invading your privacy, Ars Technica reports: