Class Act: Amanda Palmer.

Amanda Palmer is a class act. On Wednesday she announced that she will pay ALL the musicians on her tour. This was after some withering criticism from fans, other musicians, journalists -and yes blogs like this- arguing that she was obligated to pay all the musicians on her stage. To her credit she sat down with her band and reasoned her way to the correct and equitable solution. Bravo. This returns her to form as the reigning queen of DIY and fan empowered rock.

But there is more to this story. Too often we forget as musicians that we need to stick together, that we need to fight not just for our own rights but the rights of other musicians. We are all in this together. This is how things like unions are supposed to work.

We celebrate the power of the internet to inform and empower musicians in cases such as these. This is how positive change happens. Well done everyone, this is what musician empowerment is about.