Record Producer Agreements, a practical guide

By Chris Castle

[Editor Charlie sez this post first appeared on MusicTechPolicy]

Over the years I have had a number of posts about negotiating record producer agreements. These posts were based on topics, so one would be on royalties, another on recording costs, recoupment, credits, and so on. Readers have asked that I combine these into one topic and I finally did it for the Copyright Alliance and now am posting the combined article here–all 30 pages of it. The last page is a sample producer agreement check list which could be converted into a deal memo.

I’d encourage you to see if there’s anything important to you that I’ve left out, because when you write these things there’s almost always something you leave out. Since the business is changing rapidly, as soon as you sit down to write one of these things there’s some new configuration that becomes all the rage, so there will be some topics not included because you have to draw the line somewhere.

Feel free to post any comments. You can download the article here.