FarePlay.Org – An Open Letter

Below is an open letter from FarePlay founder Will Buckley – Support FarePlay.

An open letter.

FarePlay is an advocacy group supporting the rights of individuals to control the distribution and sale of their Intellectual Property.

Our mission is to confront the misinformation and misperceptions voiced by illegal downloading proponents to justify their actions.

The proponents of online piracy would have you believe that illegal downloading is a victimless crime and they are “entitled” to distribute anyone’s work without permission.  They talk about wealthy super-stars and corporate greed to justify their action and would have you believe that without unrestricted, unlimited free access to copyrighted material no one would be aware of the great music and film that’s out there.

It is time the truth be told by the people whose lives are directly impacted; the creative community.

We need to involve the musicians and filmmakers and empower them to have an open discussion with their fans about the impossible challenges they face when people are unwilling to pay for their music and film.  An online community where artists can communicate with their fans about the importance of fan support without the fear of ridicule and recrimination.

Most importantly, we need to change the conversation.
Will Buckley
founder, FarePlay