Fun with Digital Royalties | The Cynical Musician

The excellent blog “The Cynical Musician” has accepted our challenge to debunk the  latest Berklee College of Music/Rethink Music set of flow charts on digital music royalty flow.  Really excellent work by Faza. It’s devastating to Berklee.  Check it out. While this whole exercise has been fun for us,  it has to be embarrassing for a $60k a year academic institution that offers a degree in the “music business” to demonstrate that they fundamentally do not understand how digital royalties work.  

The Trichordist posted a challenge to disassemble Rethink Music’s royalty chart today and I do so love a challenge. I won’t be pasting the whole of it – just the juicy bits – so make sure you read their post.

Let’s start with the breakdown of internet radio royalties:

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