Weekly Recap & Links Sunday Sep 30, 2012

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Trichordist Recently Posted:
Why are Internet Freedom Fighters always fighting against the Internet Freedom of Artists?
Is The New Internet Association Really Just A Pro-Corporate Version Of The Pirate Party? No It’s a Transparent Ploy by Google To Curry Favor With Congressional Republicans.
Artists Utilize Power of Internet to Get Paid 
Ad Sponsored Piracy Gains Attention and Awareness in Europe
Is it The Pirate Party, or The Pirate Lobby?
Mythbusters, Why Internet Pirates Will Not Win (and should just get over it)
Class Act: Amanda Palmer.
Pandora, Please Stop discrimination against Musicians!
So much for Post-Scarcity, unless Electricity is free?
Google Pro-Artist Policy Changes Challenge Allegations of “Net Censorship”

From Around the Web:

* Samsung Muscles In On New Territory – Providing Digital Content

VoxIndie via NPR:
* via NPR-How Much do Artists Make on Youtube?
* YouTube Shares Ad Revenue With Musicians, But Does It Add Up?

* Friday’s Endnotes 09/28/12

Digital Music News:
* Spotify Is Almost Profitable in Europe?
* Deadmou5 witholding latest album from Spotify
* Gee, That’s Funny: Grooveshark Has the Entire deadmau5 Album…

Torrent Freak:
* Canadian Government Learns about the rogue nature of Ad Networks
* Six Strikes Cooperative ISP/Content Initiative coming soon?
* More pirate convictions, this time Jail and 1.1m Euros Fine

Ethical Fan:
* Comcast May Owe Content Owners $1.6B A Year Or More

* Not So Stoopid After All: Firedoglake Reports that Google Pulls Utoopi App
* Updated: A New Twist on Artist Consent Provisions: Protect Your Right to Say No to @mcdonalds ads on pirate sites
* The Wall of Shame Diaspora Jumps the Pond: UK Authors Speak Out on Brand-Supported Piracy

Copyright Alliance:
* Internet Freedom and Protection of Authorship: A Winning Ticket