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  1. My fans don’t understand why i don’t release more new music yet as i have 1000’s of songs written and recorded and your research is spot on in summing up why – i’ve been watching , reading , researching all of these “artist empowering sites’ as well as the entire spectrum of crumbling majors while the “new music industry ” bosses use the best independent and major label music to build their sites while being forced to make deals with the majors to shove a gaga or rhiana track into our playlists cheapening the whole playlist.. you’ve got it right except the old bosses are equally greedy as the new bosses. I was signed to Warner brothers/elektra -who only pay me 5 cents per download instead of the 35 cents on iTunes and nothing for mobile ringtones or you tube plays with commercials next to it .
    Since i left my band DEEE-LITE , best known for “groove is in the HEART” and the cult classic album “DEWDROPS IN THE GARDEN” yet…I can’t afford to pay my new band to get them rehearsed or on the road , nor a one day a week secretary to help with merchandise,emails,web maintenance,etc…let alone mix down and master high quality versions of these tracks for my first 4 albums , waiting in the wings, nor pay the editors for my videos. I’m NOT WHINING AND LOVE WHAT I DO but your article sums up why it’s nearly impossible to stay in business . My royalties were stolen by my former accountant and attorney for 22 years and so i only began receiving money for new record sales this year although multi-millions were sold but after being robbed for every record sale , I’m still in the game due to radio play. I spoke on apples panel in 1994 about the future of music and digital distribution with much hope for the future as well as at the “future of music BS summit” convention where i met several of these so-called artist empowering co. presidents on panels where i was “the artist ” on the panel and you have got the situation correct. these guys only care about money and have been forced to make deals with the majors to play the majors current puppet in order to have access to play vital artists such as the temptations ,etc…. these current puppets get fame but no money- nothings really changed much there. Thanks for posting this TRUTH. i only disagree with a few points about the majors . ours refused tour support and i funded that myself and never gave us large advances or any art budget sighting that our music was “too black and too gay”. i don’t agree that any artist on a major ever received more than 27% according to my research most received 12% and is including the producer- ourselves.. I have faith that a corporate sponsor will endorse my tour one day as the music will be just as inspiring whenever it is released but until things change i’m stashing my joints as most other experienced artists i know are doing. i had plans and still do, to sell my indie music on my own site , such as prolific artist and geek JUNIE MORRISON from pfunk and ohio players does , but as you mentioned, all the fake artist sites set up by Facebook have directly halted the traffic to our own personal sites which is makes it increasingly difficult to maintain for lack of funds . I never started a Deeelite site on Facebook or any other site – but there they are- vapid and unmaintained except by a random fan who stumbles across the site and can’t tell the difference. If Facebook cared about artists- they would post the artist’s website large and clear with a link….but they don’t care about artists . James brown said “to stay in the music business is 75% business and 25% music” and that runs in my head daily as i watch young artists rise and then run out of steam and fall before they complete one tour and release their first album. I’m in this for life and have had to turn to deejaying to stay in business . You also forgot to mention that since everybody has a mobile phone- original lyric ideas ,chords, dance moves, style, overall sound get’s swooped up at live shows via ‘cool hunters’ with mobile cameras and co-opted by artists and advertisers that are not as creative before I can even release my album- so the tradition of polishing your act “live” is also a risk not worth taking anymore. I am hopeful about the future yet cautious , protective,and patient at the same time. Great music will always find a way to be heard, unfortunately , like most artists thru ought history, it won’t be in the artists lifetimes. i keep wondering about all the business people whoo were fired from the major and why they don’t contact the original,unique,hardworking artists, to try and start a new platform ????? i suppose they went into porn. thanks for your fantastic article. 5 stars!!!! Lady Miss kier from deee-lite.

    1. Miss Lady Kier.

      We are honored to have you reply to our post. You make an excellent point about the record labels. I would rephrase your point about the record labels. There is an unholy alliance forming between the record labels and tech companies like spotify. And the point is to screw the artist and to keep more money for themselves. I didn’t go into it so much in my post because frankly too much of the information is still ancedotal and I want some hard facts before I go into it.

      BTW we would be delighted if you would write about your experiences for our blog.

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