The Trichordist Random Reader Weekly News & Links Sun May 20

Grab the coffee!

The end of an era as Roadrunner Records is shuttered and causes one writer to ponder what the true cost of free music is to consumers in the long run, the Galleon reports:

The Cynical Musician reports on “The Curious Case Of The Pirate Bay” after mandatory ISP blocking has gone into effect in several Countries…

A great article from the Austin Chronicle looks at the realities and effects of the “Spotify Effect” on developing artists. The band “Quiet Company has garnered over 60,000 song plays since October. For those 60,000 streams, the band has earned $342.” Read more here:

Blair Witch Project director goes on record against Piracy as it “makes it very difficult for micro-budget filmmakers to make a living.”

A funny thought by Wayne Rosso that labels would sell to Google for $1b each… highly unlikely. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Plus is Google actually bought the labels, they would also be buying the roylaties obligations, and we just can’t see that happening…

Has Silicon Valley created it’s own religious cult in “The Singularity?” The New York Times reports:

Eric Clemons reviews an ongoing legacy of bad behavior by Google at the Huffington Post:

A very interesting and insightful interview with Jim Steyer regarding Children and Online Privacy at TechCrunch:

Musicians and bands always ask, how do I rank higher on Google, well, here’s how to rank #1, by Matt Cutts:

hint, use adwords… use adsense…