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This past weeks posts on The Trichordist:
* Making Music You Like by Maia Davies
* Breaking News!! Band Embraces New Technology and Business model.
* A Brief History of Artists’ Control of Their Product by Jonathan Segel
* CopyLike.Org – Music is Free!
*Recording Tips for the Loudness Wars: An Interview with Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering
*CopyLike.Org – If You Like Open Source and Creative Commons

Highly recommended reading from The Cynical Musician on how internet and tech companies have conflated arguments about technology to justify the for profit illegal exploitation of creators work;

U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel published a post on HuffPo to “Help Us Shape Our Strategy for Intellectual Property Enforcement.” July 25 is the deadline for your input;

Ya know… it’s really telling when an heir to big oil recognizes that the practices of big oil and big tech appear to look pretty much the same, The Hill reports;

“The New Busking” illustrates the challenge for musicians to spend more time fundraising than making music. Essential reading on the downside to “Crowdfunding” and it’s practical application for most artists;

Billboard responds to several reports of claims by Spotify on its payments to labels as being second to Itunes in revenue…

The Spotify hype machine is in full effect promoting mix and match stats that don’t seem to correlate into any better cohesive reporting on actual transparency for payments, Digital Music News reports;

Speaking of Spotify, Hypebot also reports more numbers from the company, but again seem to fall short on review. Reader comments are particularly insightful as many readers express frustration over the lack of transparency in reporting;

Paypal said to cut off payment processing to VPN provider as it does to other torrent sites. It’s nice to see a company with ethical practices. Brands and Ad Networks should take note,  Torrent Freak reports;

Hypebot reports on a decline in unique Facebook visitors;

Also according to Hypebot Amanda Palmer will distribute her new album in the US via Alliance Entertainment who also distributed the Social Network soundtrack for Trent Reznor;

This editorial from Torrent Freak illustrates the complete disconnect between artists and those who exploit them. No, you are not pro-artist because you say you are, you are pro-artist when you respect the artists choices whether you agree with them or not…

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  1. Um…Sudara Williams’ piece (“Music piracy is not a problem…”) isn’t an editorial…

    “As both an artist and music business owner, I know with certainty that it’s time to move on and spend our energy innovating new businesses and getting artists paid.”

    I’m not sure what the “disconnect” is when the artist is the writer…

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