Dead Kennedys Exploited by Charter, Blizzard, @AlaskaAir and @1800Flowers

Music Piracy is not about fans sharing music. As we can see from the screen shots below this truly appears to be a mass scale, enterprise level, organized crime being funded by advertising dollars funded by major brands and companies laundered through online ad networks.


Alaska Airlines
Maria Koenig


Elizabeth Castoro

1-516-237 4867

4 thoughts on “Dead Kennedys Exploited by Charter, Blizzard, @AlaskaAir and @1800Flowers

  1. Great job!! Advertisers, do you know where your ads are tonight? We can only hope that the real problem lies with the ad placement services and not the advertisers. But either way it is time for the advertisers to be more diligent about where their ad money is being spent.

    Will Buckley, founder, FarePlay

    1. Actually, you probably wouldn’t “figure” that. Lessig might, but that would be bad advice. And even if the songs were in the PD, the misappropriation of the artist’s right of publicity and the implied endorsement wouldn’t change.

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