Neil Young Exploited by Ford, Cooper Mini, Target, State Farm, Adobe, Alaska Air, ATT, Boy Scouts, DIRECTV, LG, Princess Cruises, HP, Westin, Charmin, RapidShare

Neil Young Exploited… We’re Speechless… The impressive list below is just scratching the surface, or the tip of the iceberg. The only question to ask is…

How much money have these brands paid these ad networks, which ultimately is collected by these actively infringing sites, to profit from the music and career of Neil Young?

* Ford, Cooper (BMW), Target on FilesTube
* Target on Kick Ass Torrents
* State Farm on Torrent Reactor
* State Farm on Iso Hunt
* State Farm (X2) on Kick Ass Torrents
* Adobe on Torrent Reactor
* Adobe, Legal Zoom on Iso Hunt
* Adobe on Kick Ass Torrents
* Alaska Air on Iso Hunt
* Alaska Air on Kick Ass Torrents
* AT&T on Kick Ass Torrents
* Boy Scouts on Torrent Reactor
* Direct TV on Kick Ass Torrents
* Ebay on Kick Ass Torrents
* Hewlett Packard on Files Tube
* LG, Princess Cruises on Files Tube
* Westin Hotels on Kick Ass Torrents
* Charmin Toilet Paper on Iso Hunt

And, let’s be honest… What artist doesn’t want to be associated with Charmin Toilet Paper?

Neil Young Exploited by … @Ford, @CooperMiniLtd, @Target, @StateFarm, @Adobe, @AlaskaAir, @ATT, @boyscouts, @DIRECTV, @LGUSAMobile, @PrincessCruises, @HP, @Westin, @Charmin, @RapidShare@RapidShare


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10 thoughts on “Neil Young Exploited by Ford, Cooper Mini, Target, State Farm, Adobe, Alaska Air, ATT, Boy Scouts, DIRECTV, LG, Princess Cruises, HP, Westin, Charmin, RapidShare

  1. It continues to surprise me at the number of unknowing (and knowing) advertisers allowing their brands to be associated with these sites! Hopefully your posts will continue to put the “squeeze” on their ad distributors for removal from piracy advocate sites. Love the comment about Charmin, LOL!

  2. How long has this been happening? This can’t be a recent development. Even though N Young probably isn’t doing to badly financially, it’s not a good enough excuse for this kind of blatant rip-off of his royalties, etc. to continue. As for excuses, there just isn’t one. They are thieves getting caught red-handed.

    1. Hi Mozart.

      absolutely aware of this. however we have reason to believe like the grateful dead he draws the line at the commercial exploitation of his music by third parties. This is not so different than what your colleagues in Pirate Party Germany have expressed.


  3. um, it’s a bit of a stretch to say that those companies are deliberately taking advantage of Neil Young. It’s a safe bet those companies never knowingly approved running their ad banners on torrent web sites. It’s more likely that some unscrupulous marketing agency sold those corporations ad placements on legitimate sites, and are boosting their traffic numbers with placements on the torrent sites.

    But frankly with all the Spotify-type services appearing, the torrent sites will probably die off soon anyway. Why would anyone bother to download actual music files when they’re conveniently available online?

    1. Boy, that’s a great point. Google gets a million valid DMCA notices a week on search alone, so when you figure out why people still download illegally, please post. Also, what we know is that the money starts with the brand and stops with the illegal site. What happens in between is of little consequence to anyone except the FBI. The brand is responsible to their stockholders for knowing where their money is going and for demanding a refund if their ad agency isn’t doing their job. Or the brand can just sit back and wait for the stockholder suit (just ask Google about that). And if your “unscrupulous marketing agency” was doing the bad things, just remember that word “agency” as in “agent.” As in principal and agent.

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