3 thoughts on “LG4Waits

  1. My cover/video of “Swordfishtrombone” is bottom of page 1. I paid a licensing fee to Tom Waits’ publisher by the way. Not crazy about being next to an ad for Asian Women…and not sure I can do anything about it, except keep trying to help educate people. Other suggestions?

    1. I think we have someone coming on board soon that will help organize actions and activities. Try writing LG? asking why they are funding people who illegally exploit your music? little trick i’ve learned if you google investor relations for any company you can find an email or phone number for a real human on that page. Here is what i found for LG lgeir@lge.com this person is assigned with answering questions from investors. present the problem but ask who you really need to contact. BTW they will deny it send them the link to our page and the fact filestube.com is the #1 file infringing site in the world according to google’s transparency report.

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