Weekly News & Links Sunday September 9, 2012

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New Blog VOXINDIE provides and excellent guide on how indie musicians and filmmakers can utilize YouTube’s Content ID System. Read more [here].

As always, fantastic new commentary and insight from The Cynical Musician. This time on Making Stuff and Making money, Read more [here].

Many in the free culture movement fail to recognize the good work done by artists who invest by giving back to the community. When artist become successful they often take up causes. Some obvious examples would be Sting for Rain Forrests, Bono for Human Rights and Amnesty International and Elton John for Aids Research. Let us also not forget USA For Africa and Live Aid as well. Demonizing “rich rock stars” is a shallow attempt to distract from the real issues of illegal artist exploitation online. We were glad to see Forbes report on Jon Bon Jovi’s philanthropy work.

Music Tech Policy offers spot on response to the ongoing nonsense that the artists number one problem is obscurity. It’s not. The artists number one problem is the same as it is for everyone, getting paid for your work. Everyone has bills to pay.

Support for the Pirate Party in Germany appears to be diminishing. Amongst the problems facing the fledging party (of which there are many) a primary one appears to be “the novelty is wearing off.” SPIEGEL online reports [here].

This is how we got Al Capone… Pirate Bay Founder Arrest Related To Tax Hack, Not Piracy. Although isn’t a Tax Hack just money piracy? Torrent Freak Reports [here].

Another artists speaks out against Spotify payments and practices. This time it’s Grizzly Bear, as reported by Digital Music News [here].