3 thoughts on “Terrestrial Radio royalties Low

  1. Thanks for sharing – as a songwriter/artist without nearly the success to make these comparisons, it’s nice to see actual hard data to review.

    18,797 “performances” on terrestrial would probably equate to tens of millions of people listening to the song. Perhaps BMI will break it out further for you? Are they giving you real breakdowns on the exact places/# of spins/reach of those radio stations? The PRO calculations have never really been given a proper vetting (in a digital age, the # of plays to payout is guarded closer than the Coca-Cola formula).

  2. We got our royalty statement also from ASCAP and our song was played 985,840 times in one quarter. I looked and the amount was for $16.00 I said this is crap. Pandora brags on that they paid out millions of dollars quarterly to artist but in order for them to do that the songs would have to be played 1 billion times. They said they paid Wiz Kalifa millions so is his songs getting billions of plays. NOOOO! I averaged up the plays x’s what terrestrial radio pays and if Pandora paid the same the $16.00 amount would’ve been $72,000 not to mention that was only 18% of the royalty payout so that means it would’ve been close to a quarter of a million. I hope the RIAA gets this right with ASCAP,BMI & SESAC and have these guys pay backpay for 3 years or more because us artist bust our butt and imagine that means 1 person looked at ads and was on their Pandora site more than 1 million times. Even it we got paid a penny, we would’ve gotten $10,000 but $16 is unheard of.

    Minister Stevie Tee
    Boaz & Ruth
    CSE Major Holdings Muzik / ASCAP

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