16 thoughts on “Pandora less than t-shirt sale

    1. No I got over $1500 dollars from terrestrial radio as one of the songwriter. It’s clearly in the post above. Look at the third picture if you’re having problems with the words.

      I’m trying really really hard here to not treat like an idiot, those who seem to think that it’s fair to get paid thousandths of a penny for songwriting. But you guys make it hard.

  1. Thanks for sharing this, this is B.S!!! And I thought things were gonna get better once the majors were out of the way…sounds like Pandora needs a lil boycott until this changes. I’m deleting it from my phone as of today.

    1. again this has nothing to do with publishing companies record companies or anything else. this is the rate that is essentially set by the songwriter rate court. yes technically Ascap BMI and the services negotiate these rates but if they fail to come to a deal the government sets the rate.

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