David Byrne: ‘The internet will suck all creative content out of the world’ | The Guardian UK

In future, if artists have to rely almost exclusively on the income from these services, they’ll be out of work within a year. Some of us have other sources of income, such as live concerts, and some of us have reached the point where we can play to decent numbers of people because a record label believed in us at some point in the past.

I can’t deny that label-support gave me a leg up – though not every successful artist needs it. So, yes, I could conceivably survive, as I don’t rely on the pittance that comes my way from music streaming, as could Yorke and some of the others.

But up-and-coming artists don’t have that advantage – some haven’t got to the point where they can make a living on live performances and licensing, so what do they think of these services?

We were also very happy to see this plug for the Content Creators Coalition. Be sure to read the full interview at The Guardian, the link is below.

The major labels are happy, the consumer is happy and the CEOs of the web services are happy. All good, except no one is left to speak for those who actually make the stuff. In response to this lack of representation, some artists – of all types, not just musicians – are forming an organisation called the Content Creators Coalition, an entity that speaks out on artists’ behalf.


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One thought on “David Byrne: ‘The internet will suck all creative content out of the world’ | The Guardian UK

  1. I purchased David Byrne’s book, “How Music Works” yesterday, primarily to study the digital music economic model he wrote about in 2007 for Wired Magazine.

    I saw Jaron Lanier speak on Wednesday night at Sacred Heart University and purchased his book, “Who Owns The Future?”. I’m convinced he has the solution for a sustainable economy with the gregarious nature of Big Data and its purveyors (Spotify, etc.)

    I really appreciate your Web site David, I look forward to learning and contributing to this invaluable initiative.

    Here is the blog post I wrote last night.


    Keep up the great work David, you are vital to the ethical and sustainable Internet.


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