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Here come the YouTube Music Awards. YouTube pays artists less per play than Spotify and YouTube get an awards show with artists support. We get what we deserve?

In terms of artists getting their royalties fucked so royally, no one beats Big Tech. The money that should be distributed to musicians is going to google or to ad-supported pirate sites rather than the content creators themselves.

Yet Big Tech is doing what the recording industry can’t. In terms of innovation, the recording industry’s been asleep as the wheel since Napster first rolled out.


YouTube Shares Ad Revenue With Musicians, But Does It Add Up? | NPR

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  1. This post wasn’t really worth posting here. Rehashed, ignorant of many facts. Saying that the record companies are still asleep at the switch ignores that they’ve been instrumental in starting SoundExchange, now contributing over $600 Million a year and half directly to artists; taken an ownership position in Spotify (because they could).

    Dismissing the Grammies because they are a peer reviewed process is foolish. They mean more to artists because they are voted on by their peers and not simply selected by the public. It’s why Esperanza Spalding can win Best New Artist over Justin Bieber – that would never happen at YouTube or the People’s Choice Awards. That is why incredible artists show up year after year to participate.

  2. One of the remarkable and puzzling things has been how artists are against DRM.

    In fact, if one google’s “artists for DRM,” the first results are:

    Artists revolt against DRM | ZDNet

    More artists take a stand against DRM – AfterDawn

    Steve Jobs: DRM Is Bad for Consumers, Innovators, *And* Artists …

    VIEWS – The Economics of DRM in Capitalist Markets – Dr. Meir P …‎
    Feb 6, 2007 – Many independent labels and artists already recognise that DRM is a dumb idea for digital music, as demonstrated by the availability of their …

    Swiss artists against DRM | Digital Restrictions Management

    And mind you, these are the first page results when one googles “Artists FOR DRM.”

    To all the artists here–are you against DRM? If so, why?

    Are there any academic programs which teach the positive aspects of DRM?

    For instance USC studies how piracy lowers music sales, but does USC have any classes on DRM for artists?

    Or has everyone just decided that we will wring our hands as the music industry dies, and middle-class musicians and artists are harmed, but that we will never, never, never take a stand for DRM, Property Rights, and the Natural Right to protect and profit off one’s content?

    Which USC classes are teaching of technologies that support and exalt DRM for every musicians?

    • The problem with DRM and music in particular is — it doesn’t work.
      (not saying DRM doesn’t work for other media, but music is one that doesn’t)

      Unless, that is, you can convince EVERY consumer out there to throw away every piece of audio gear they have and purchase a more restrictive hardware player… and you can convince every hardware manufacturer out there to do the same, DRM for audio is a pipe dream. Anyone with a ‘line-out’ can defeat it, or if something were implemented there, anyone with speakers and a recorder could copy it.

      If you can find something that actually works, and doesn’t just punish the paying customer, i’m all for it!

      • Folks, this is *exactly* why middle-class musicians have no rights and are losing their livelihoods, while the infrastructure which once developed artists is being decimated..

        It is because people like Aww De Ohh state that only filmmakers, actors, and directors have a right to use DRM to protect and profit from their recordings, but not songwriters, musicians, nor audio engineers, who are sub-human in Aww De Ohh’s book, and not endowed with Natural Rights.

      • sigh…
        that’s NOT what i said.
        I’m a musician. I believe in copyright. I’m ALL FOR the HUMAN RIGHT.

        I’m not saying i’m Against the technology… i’m saying it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to implement it in any effective manor, for music.

        Since you’re the one advocating it, tell me… just HOW would you implement DRM on music? you can’t! (well.. you can, but it’s so easily defeated, and i’m not even talking about cracks, i’m talking -physically-, that it doesnt’ make sense)

      • you have a point on devices. But in defense of the pro DRM arguments if you can make more money NOT being ubiquitous it’s something to look at. DRM protected early release streaming?

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