Is Rap Genius F*cked? | Gawker

A fascinating twist in the saga of Rap Genius…

“We effed up,” lyrics annotation supersite Rap Genius admitted this week after its SEO cheating was revealed. They sure did. And there’s good reason to believe this isn’t just a gaffe for the cartoonish startup posse: a Google eff up could haunt them forever—but no one search should have all that power.

Rap Genius will never be safe on the internet again, because as far as they’re concerned, Google is the internet. The search engine functions like public infrastructure, a road that takes anyone who wants to look up lyrics to the internet lyrics store, but it thinks like any Walmart of Exxon. It has its own secret rules, its own private penalties, and its own willingness to harm any company that dares make it look stupid. The Rap Genius co-creators must have known what they were getting themselves into: an inordinately complex game of Mouse Trap with the devil that’s finally snapped back.



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  1. Rap Genius was in direct competition with YouTube (both music industry rapists and promoters of FREE) 1.4M visitors a day is worth 2 to 5 million dollars a month in lost revenues for Google.Big pimp pushing away little pimp! It is all about the money!
    No news or hope for music monetization in this event.

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