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  1. “There will be no correction and this will be the only response from my office >>>>>>>> or from anyone else connected to the reporting and research.”

    Well I think Mr Brock made a big mistake in responding in print. Judging from his “tone” he and “his” department might be feeling the heat from within. Nobody likes to admit they’re wrong, especially if you’re the Senior Editor for Standards at the NEW YORK TIMES. The buck clearly stops at Mr. Brock’s office.

    The more I think about the post, the more it appears to be a hatchet job. We all know it is, because we talk to artists and hear their stories. The author could have simply talked about the benefits of the digital age for artists who didn’t have access before. instead he felt compelled to make it a misguided case for how great things are for all artists.

    Given Bill Maher’s recent tirade on the ‘sharing economy’ that’s making the rounds, I would suggest forwarding this to him.

    I’m sorry you missed my letter to the Public Editor, David, but I do plan to send Ms Sullivan an update tomorrow and I encourage others to send a message to the Public Editor. Chris Castle provided this link: Margaret Sullivan public@nytimes.com

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