Songwriter/Artist Advocates Reelected to Board Of UK PPL, Turn Back MMF Power Grab

I just realized that we left this story hanging. We are always so busy between Thanksgiving and Dec 28th. Excuse our tardiness.

Crispin Hunt and Mark Kelly beat out Jon Webster a former label exec and president of the UK Music Managers Forum (MMF) for the two performer director positions on the UK public performance licensing authority PPL.  This is very good news.   Crispin Hunt and Mark Kelly have always been  strong advocates for artists and songwriters rights.   Jon Webster and his UK MMF?  Not so much.  In general we thought the whole effort to replace  bona fide songwriter/performers with a manager/label executive from the MMF was just a little to “old boss.”   Smacked a little too much of the old  “don’t worry we really do have your best interests at heart.”    Cause managers and executives never rip off artists right?  I mean it’s usually the other way around? That’s why there are so many music movies where it turns out that the artist has been cheating the manager out of commissions for years!

Congratulations Crispin and Mark!  Forward into 2016!