Radiohead Disavows Non-Manager Brian Message with a “Nasty” Message

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Press release from Radiohead’s publicity firm Nasty Little Man.  

Ouch!  Still it is better than being called “a lying sack of shit.”

Brian Message has been pedaling his pro-Spotify and Google nonsense under the pretense of being “Radiohead’s Manager” for years.  Frankly it’s shocking that he’s been able to get away with it for so long.

Check out some of the links I turned up in 15 seconds.

“Streaming Music Is Critically Important” – Radiohead’s Co-Manager Brian Message

2 thoughts on “Radiohead Disavows Non-Manager Brian Message with a “Nasty” Message

  1. One thing thing i do not understand is why Radio Head or their legitimate managers let Brian Message get away with calling himself their manager for so long and why did Brian Message call himself their manager? Did he call himself their manager for fame and attention?

  2. Wow. So in the brave new world of streaming, we’ve now moved beyond ripping off musicians via tortured interpretations of compulsory license, and gone straight to identity theft. Excellent!

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