Astroturf Fight For The Future is Toast: Anti-Copyright Protest Gets 9 RSVPs On Facebook



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Fight for Future tried to organize a protest at the Copyright Office roundtable on “notice and takedown”  in San Francisco. Those attending report seeing ZERO protestors. Maybe they missed them somehow.   But then again according to their Facebook event they got 9 RSVPs.  I was one of the RSVPs so make that 8.   So based on the last two years of tax filings by FFTF  that is approximately $225,000 per RSVP.

To be fair 45 folks responded “interested.” But some of those that responded “interested” look like they may have not been able to get their parents permission to attend on a school day.  Those responses were likely generated by FFTF’s skeevy partnership with the teen oriented Channel Awesome on YouTube.  Anyone ever read the history of the “Children’s Crusade?”

BTW “progressive” NY-19 congressional candidate Zephyr Teachout is the director of this program.   Perhaps she should run for Manchurian Candidate?

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One thought on “Astroturf Fight For The Future is Toast: Anti-Copyright Protest Gets 9 RSVPs On Facebook

  1. I can’t confirm, but was told by one of the participants at the USCO Roundtable Hearings in Manhattan on May 3rd that there were 4 protestors with signs that said: “Stay Down” Apparently they were standing outside the courthouse in the rain.

    True story. I mean you can’t make stuff like this up. Also, we had no invitations.

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