Quid Pro Online Radio: Billboard Editor Goes to Pandora

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Billboard’s robust and immediate (within hours) defense of Pandora founder in the wake of revelations that he and other top executives contributed to anti-gay politician raised eyebrows in artists’ rights circles. 

Hypebot is reporting that Billboard editor Glenn Peoples is leaving for a job at Pandora.   Under his leadership Billboard seemed to exhibit a bias towards the streaming services and against artists.  We suspect it came from him.  Here is one of his personal tweets:

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Here’s our advice to Glenn:  Avoid the cliff to nowhere and get monthly vesting.




One thought on “Quid Pro Online Radio: Billboard Editor Goes to Pandora

  1. What little credibility Billboard magazine had from a journalistic integrity standpoint, is completely gone. What we already knew, Billboard magazine is in the tank for the Pandoras of the world, not the American music creator.

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