Obama Official Violated Executive Order on Ethics Commitments

This is very troubling. DOJ official driving the 100% licensing rule change for songwriters has apparently violated lobbying rules.

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Remember the heady days when President Obama took office?  He promised the American people that he would have the most transparent administration in history.

In fact President Obama is quoted in Tech President as reiterating the same sentiment in 2013:

President Obama defended his government as “the most transparent administration in history” Thursday afternoon during a White House “fireside hangout” hosted online by Google.

That would be nice if it were true, but when it comes to one Obama appointee, nothing could be further from the truth.


Aside from posting a misleading resume on a government website, Renata B. Hesse is violating Executive Order 13490 “Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Personnel” by working on antitrust matters for the benefit of Google, her former client.  Here’s the clause:

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release                  January 21, 2009
– – – – – – –

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