Did @EFF Properly Disclose “Relationship” to Google in Supreme Court Case?

Yesterday we broke a story that iit appears Google senior copyright counsel and EFF executive director were married.  Aside from the obvious conflicts of interest this is also relevant because if true there is likely to be community property and that community property could be Google stock or options.   We wonder if the defendants and Supreme Court Justices were informed of this relationship? I am not a lawyer nor an expert in legal ethics, but in my humble opinion this is the sort of conflict that should have been disclosed especially to the defendants.

Update:: Google senior counsel  tweeted they were divorced “years ago.”  Von Lohmann provided no month or year when asked.  It’s thus not clear which amicus briefs were filed during marriage. Regardless courts and opposing counsel should reexamine what was disclosed by EFF, and ask EFF to further clarify.  

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