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The Trichordist is a community blog for those interested in contributing to the advancement of a Sustainable and Ethical Internet for the protection of Artists Rights in the Digital Age.

To contact please email thetrichordist mail dot com
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    1. I read your post. While you are correct that your stance has been mischaracterized, you are still engaging in piracy. Regardless of how you creatively add to the material you steal, you are still stealing it. By posting the resulting work, which contains material owned by artists other than yourselves, on youtube you are granting that website the right to make a profit off of content you don’t own.

      Taking works created by others and adding to them or changing them is nothing new. Artists reinterpret the works of Shakespeare or Jane Austen for film or stage all the time. Those writers’ works are in the public domain. Musicians record and perform songs written by others all the time, as well. The Beatles had a great hit with the Isley Brothers song “Twist and Shout.” “My Sweet Lord” was a fairly extensive re-write of “She’s So Fine,” to the point that it was almost a different song. Almost. The writers of the originals still received their royalties. So, no, you and your fellow pirates aren’t doing something fundamentally new and even if you were, that doesn’t grant you the right to steal copies of other people’s work or to grant rights that you do not own.

      You are correct that streaming does not intersect with what you do

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