Grooveshark On The Hook : Notice and Shakedown

We salute Tunecore CEO Jeff Price who recently called for a boycott of Grooveshark on his company Blog. This after a series of articles from varied and respected media outlets such as Digital Music News, Hypebot, Billboard, and others who have been reporting on Grooveshark’s unethical practices against artists and the resulting lawsuit by the… Continue reading Grooveshark On The Hook : Notice and Shakedown

None Dare Call it Theft

Is copyright infringement theft? It’s a good question to ask on the internet if you want to spark another round of an endless discussion. Opponents of the “infringement = theft” argument will marshal an impressive array of arguments. There are the semantic arguments: theft has a settled meaning that doesn’t apply to infringement (ignoring centuries… Continue reading None Dare Call it Theft