FarePlay.Org – An Open Letter

Below is an open letter from FarePlay founder Will Buckley – Support FarePlay. http://fareplay.org/ https://www.facebook.com/FarePlay An open letter. FarePlay is an advocacy group supporting the rights of individuals to control the distribution and sale of their Intellectual Property. Our mission is to confront the misinformation and misperceptions voiced by illegal downloading proponents to justify their… Continue reading FarePlay.Org – An Open Letter

CopyLike.Org – Evil Corporations, We Don’t Like Them!

Check out this Organization: http://copylike.org/ https://www.facebook.com/copylike We know that there are evil corporations in the world. We don’t like them. With copyright laws, we get to decide who can use our work, and how much that have to pay for it. If we want, we can give it away for free to our favourite charity,… Continue reading CopyLike.Org – Evil Corporations, We Don’t Like Them!

Artist Exploitation Calculator – Internet Edition

If there is any doubt left in anyone’s mind about the Exploitation Economy ripping off artists, this fantastic website shows the estimated revenue generated for commercial businesses on the backs of artists and creators without paying the artists a single penny. Stat Show: http://www.statshow.com/ The Pirate Bay – $14 Million Dollars Annually Estimated http://www.statshow.com/thepiratebay.se 4… Continue reading Artist Exploitation Calculator – Internet Edition

None Dare Call it Theft

Is copyright infringement theft? It’s a good question to ask on the internet if you want to spark another round of an endless discussion. Opponents of the “infringement = theft” argument will marshal an impressive array of arguments. There are the semantic arguments: theft has a settled meaning that doesn’t apply to infringement (ignoring centuries… Continue reading None Dare Call it Theft