#SXSW Fart Club : “The Artists’ Copyright Conundrum” Panel has No Artists Rights Representatives!

Remember the CES Fart Club “Pro-Artist Copyright Panel” that didn’t have a single artists rights representitive? Well, here’s the redux unilog at SXSW, “The Artists’ Copyright Conundrum” that also features no artists reps.

Here it is…

Thursday, March 14  : 3:30PM – 4:30PM

The Artists’ Copyright Conundrum

So if you happen to drop by that panel, and when they open for Q&A maybe ask them what artists they represent…

3 thoughts on “#SXSW Fart Club : “The Artists’ Copyright Conundrum” Panel has No Artists Rights Representatives!

  1. Why is that all these panels devoted to art and technology never have any artists nor technologists on them, but only lawyers? This is because the biggest innovations over the past couple decades have occurred not in technology nor art, but in the law. Immutable, Natural Human Rights have been deconstructed and debauched by artless, uncreative legalistas working for massive billion-dollar corporations, who, incapable of creating content, was copy it and mash it up.

    Remember when musicians represented music, art, culture, and life? Everyone knew Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jimmy Page, and Boston. Nobody knew, nor cared about, their lawyers.

    Today the musicians are gone from the stage, and replaced by Larry Lessig and his immense backup band, as the corporate-financed, leftist lawyers profit off the blood, sweat, and tears of the past and present artists, while eroding and eradicating the infrastructure that once invested in tomorrow’s artists.

  2. What do the SXSW organizers find so “hip and cool” about pro-napster, anti-musician lawyers?

    This ties into the complete transformation of “coolness” falling from supporting to artists and indie musicians and the US Constitution, to supporting billion-dollar corporations who pay soulless lawyers to circumvent the spirit of the Law, and debauch the Constitution alongside the culture and currency.

  3. For instance, I wonder if any of of legalista twisters of the law are going to ask, “How much was Cracker paid for this? How much was Conan paid? How much were the grips paid?”

    Artists and creators are not paid, millions upon millions of times every day, while the billion-dollar goliaths make out like bandits, doublisng the size of their campus, flying around in private jets. The artists who create the spirit and soul of the internet are not compensated, but only the uncreative technocrat MBAS and the lawyers they hire to deconstruct the soul of the Constitution, debauch the Spirit of the Law, and deny the artist their Natural Rights.

    The great Mark Twain referenced Exodus and Moses’ Ten Commandments “Code of Honor” before the 1906 congress, which my class would also read:

    I am aware that copyright must have a limit, because that is required by the Constitution of the United States, which sets aside the earlier Constitution, which we call the decalogue. The decalogue says you shall not take away from any man his profit. I don’t like to be obliged to use the harsh term. What the decalogue really says is, “Thou shalt not steal,” but I am trying to use more polite language. –Mark Twain, 1906

    Why do the hipster celebrity legalistas never reference Mark Twain, nor Moses, nor the Constitution? Is it because Mark Twain and Moses were poets, and the Constitution was created by poets? Do they really detest artists that much? It would seem so.

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