Camper Van Beethoven’s 2013 Net Profit Was $645 Million Dollars Higher Than Twitter.

Technologists in Silicon Valley love to tell artists we need to update our business model.

This is hilarious since each of my businesses have been profitable for decades. Stunning when you look at just how unprofitable these Silicon Valley Companies actually are.  Twitter for instance lost $645 million dollars last year.   Jaw dropping when you consider that their total revenues were $646 million dollars.   They spent 2 dollars for every 1 dollar of revenue.  And if you look at their losses they are accelerating.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 10.59.36 AM


Now consider the fact that the City of San Francisco also gave them approximately $56 million in tax beaks.  This is while the city has been pushing to slash benefits to city workers. 

Yes maybe Camper Van Beethoven needs to update our business model to include tax breaks and political cronyism.


Internet Consultants Are Wrong : Confused About Musicians, The Internet and Piracy

My Song Got Played On Pandora 1 Million Times and All I Got Was $16.89

Ready The Clown Car : Kim Dotcom Contemplates Suing Google, Twitter and Facebook

Serious folks, we can’t make this up.

“Twitter introduces Two-Step-Authentication. Using my invention. But they won’t even verify my Twitter account?!,” Dotcom tweeted.

“Google, Facebook, Twitter, Citibank, etc. offer Two-Step-Authentication. Massive IP (intellectual property) infringement by U.S. companies. My innovation. My patent,” he added.

But it get’s better…

“I never sued them. I believe in sharing knowledge & ideas for the good of society. But I might sue them now cause of what the US did to me,” he said.

However, he said a more productive approach would be if the tech giants helped cover his legal bills to fight prosecution under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA), which he estimated would exceed US$50 million.

“Google, Facebook, Twitter, I ask you for help. We are all in the same DMCA boat. Use my patent for free. But please help fund my defence,” he tweeted.

So essentially he’s threatening to sue the very same people he’s asking for money. Interesting strategy. We’re not sure that Google, Facebook and Twitter feel they are in the same boat. It’s difficult to believe these companies would want to be anywhere near the imploding public spectacle known as Kim Dotcom.


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Kim Dotcom claims he invented two-factor authentication—but he wasn’t first | Ars Technica

Dotcom’s European patent was revoked in 2011 largely because AT&T had a patent on the same technology with a priority date from 1995. (Thanks to Emily Weal of patent law firm Keltie for pointing out Dotcom’s European patent travails in the IP Copy blog.)

While Dotcom’s patent in the US is still in force, AT&T also has a US patent pre-dating hisThe Guardian pointed out that Ericsson and Nokia also have patent filings for two-factor systems predating Dotcom’s.

Over 50 Major Brands Funding Music Piracy, It’s Big Business!

Below is a partial list of over 50 major brands who are advertising on pirate sites and therefore supporting not only music piracy, but also the mainstream piracy of films and every other kind of digitally distributed work. As we’ve stated before the content industries may have the ability to address mass scale, enterprise level, commercial infringement without necessarily requiring any new legislation.

What we find frustrating is that the major content companies and corporations must have existing relationships with these brands as the content and media distribution companies own the television networks (at the very least) that these brands are dependent upon for the mass scale and mainstream promotion of their products and services.

The major content companies as well as their well respected institutions such as The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscar’s), The National Association Of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammy’s) and The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (The Golden Globes) all host annual award shows where many of these brands are also advertising. Why isn’t it possible to use that opportunity to educate these brands about the damage they are doing to the creative community? In other words, where are the adults?

What is disappointing is that the same people pushing for new legislative solutions could also be leveraging their relationships with the brands and advertising agencies directly to educate them about the seriousness of this problem. The same goes for the banks and payment processors such as American Express, Master Card, Visa and others. At least one company, Paypal has been very proactive in severing it’s ties and services with illegal and infringing sites, we wish more would to the same.

The US Trade Representative’s list of sites in the Notorious Markets List combined with Google’s transparency report for copyright infringement via legitimate DMCA notices to delist links from its search engine provides a very effective list of sites where no advertising should appear as a simple baseline of “best practices”.  (Of course, the Google list does not include YouTube or Blogger.)


Keep in mind the screen shot above only lists the Top 20 sites of the almost 200,000 in total that are receiving DMCA notices for copyright infringement.

Clicking on the name of any of the brands below will take you to a post that contains the screen shot of the ad itself. What is also important to note is what brands are NOT on this list.

Brands like Coke and Pepsi do not seem to appear on pirate sites, and that can’t be an accident anymore than it not being an accident that these other brands do appear on pirate sites. So for that, we applaud Coke and Pepsi for their respect to the creative community.

Who knows, perhaps the content industries should use their might, weight and prestige to create an award for brands who respect the creative community in a public forum that enhances value for the brand by the endorsement of artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creators. Just a thought if anyone is reading…

We might also suggest that the brands on this list think about adopting the Bill of Rights for Online Advertisers by Benjamin Edelman of The Harvard Business School.

Five rights to protect advertisers from increasingly powerful ad networks — avoiding fraudulent charges for services not rendered, guaranteeing data portability so advertisers get the best possible value, and assuring price transparency so advertisers know what they’re buying.

Brand  Pirate Site  Artist
Adobe Files Tube Tom Waits
Adobe Files Tube 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
Adobe Torrent Reactor Neil Young
Adobe Iso Hunt Neil Young
Adobe Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
ADT Security 4Shared Tom Waits
Alaska Air Iso Hunt Neil Young
Alaska Air Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
Alaska Airlines Torrent Reactor U2
Amazon 4Shared U2
American Express 4Shared Adele
American Express Delta Airlines Card Mp3 Twister Black Keys
AT&T Mp3 Twister Black Keys
AT&T 4Shared Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
AT&T Mp3Skull Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
AT&T 4Shared Adele
AT&T mp3 Skull U2
AT&T mp3 Skull John Mellencamp
AT&T Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
Audi Mp3Skull Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
BMW 4Shared Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
BMW Kick Ass Torrents Tom Waits
Boston Market 4Shared Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Boy Scouts of America Torrent Reactor Neil Young
British Airways Kick Ass Torrents Adele
British Airways Mp3 Crow Adele
Century 21 4Shared U2
Charmin Toilet Paper Iso Hunt Neil Young
Charter Cable mp3 Raid U2
Citi Bank 4Shared Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Citi Bank 4shared John Mellencamp
Cooper Mini (BMW) Files Tube Neil Young
Cox Cable 4Shared John Mellencamp
Crate & Barrel Files Tube U2
Direct TV Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
Dish Network Mp3 Twister Black Keys
Ebay Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
Electronic Arts Need for Speed Mp3 bear Neko Case
Emirates Airlines Files Tube 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
Ferguson Kick Ass Torrents Talib Kweli
Ford Files Tube 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
Ford Files Tube Neil Young
Go Pro Files Tube 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
Google Chrome Mp3 Juices Talib Kweli
Hertz Rent A Car 4Shared Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Hewlett Packard Files Tube Neil Young
Hewlett Packard Mp3 Skull U2
Hewlett Packard Files Tube U2
Hewlett Packard Mp3 Skull U2
Hewlett Packard h33t U2
Hilton 4shared Tom Waits
Hyatt 4Shared Tom Waits
Hyundai Mp3Skull Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Jet Blue h33t U2
Kayak h33t U2
Kohler Kick Ass Torrents Talib Kweli
Legal Zoom Iso Hunt Neil Young
Levi’s Mp3 Bear Neko Case
LG Files Tube 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
LG Files Tube Neil Young
LG Files Tube Tom Waits
M&M’s (Mars) Share Beast Black Keys
Macy’s Mp3 bear Neko Case
Marvel Avengers Alliance Mp3 Bear Neko Case
Mazda Mp3Raid Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Mini Cooper (BMW) Files Tube Tom Waits
Mitt Romeny 4Shared Tom Waits
Movie 43 (Relativity Media) Mp3 Boo Black Keys
Musicians Friend 4Shared Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Nationwide Insurance MediaFire Mp3 Aimee Mann
Neiman Marcus Mp3Skull Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Neiman Marcus Mp3 Juices Talib Kweli
Netflix Mp3 Skull John Mellencamp
Nissan Mp3 Boo Black Keys
Nissan Mp3 Take Adele
Nissan MP3 Ape Adele
Priceline 4Shared Tom Waits
Princess Cruises Files Tube Neil Young
Princess Cruises Mp3 Bear Neko Case
Register.Com Kick Ass Torrents Talib Kweli
Rejuvenation Files Tube U2
Sheraton Hotels mp3 Skull U2
Sheraton Hotels 4Shared U2
Skype Mp3 bear Neko Case
Sprint Torrent Reactor U2
State Farm Insurance Mp3 Crank Tom Waits
State Farm Insurance Torrent Reactor U2
State Farm Insurance Kick Ass Torrents Talib Kweli
State Farm Insurance Torrent Reactor Neil Young
State Farm Insurance Iso Hunt Neil Young
State Farm Insurance Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
State Farm Insurance Mp3 Skull U2
State Farm Insurance 4Shared John Mellencamp
State Farm Insurance Mp3 Skull U2
Sweetwater 4Shared John Mellencamp
Target Mp3Skull Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Target MP3 Ape Adele
Target Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
Target Mp3 Crank Tom Waits
Target Files Tube 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
Tunecore 4Shared John Mellencamp
United Airlines mp3 Bear U2
United Airlines Files Tube U2
United Airlines h33t U2
Urban Outfitters 4Shared Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Urban Outfitters Files Tube Tom Waits
Urban Outfitters mp3 skull U2
Virgin Atlantic IsoHunt Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Visa Mp3 Crank Tom Waits
Volkswagen Files Tube 30 Seconds To Mars / Jared Leto
W Hotels 4Shared John Mellencamp
Weight Watchers 4Shared Tom Waits
Wendy’s Kick Ass Torrents Tom Waits
Westen Hotels Kick Ass Torrents Neil Young
Westin Hotels Kick Ass Torrents Tom Waits
Westin Hotels 4Shared U2
Westin Hotels mp3 Raid U2
Westin Hotels 4Shared John Mellencamp
Williams Sonoma IsoHunt Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan
Yahoo Mp3 Bear Neko Case
Yahoo Dilandau Tom Waits

Remember all change is local, and you vote with dollars. If we don’t take action directly ourselves we can’t really blame others. These brands are paying the pirate sites to give away your music (directly or indirectly). One tweet a day to any of these brands is all it takes to start building awareness.

You, yes you, can make a difference. Which of these brands do you support with your money? Let them know you don’t want your money, that you pay to them, being used to promote online music piracy and artist exploitation.

We’re going to be tweeting a brand a day starting tomorrow. Retweet us if you like.

Here’s a directory of the brands on Twitter. Please feel free to copy/paste this simple suggested tweet to them:

@Brand Stop Supporting Online Music Piracy #StopArtistExploitation

@Adobe –

@ADTstaysafe –

@AlaskaAir –

@amazon –

@AmericanExpress –

@ATT –

@Audi –


@bostonmarket –

@boyscouts –

@British_Airways –


@CharterCom –

@Citibank –


@CoxComm –

@CrateandBarrel –

@DirecttTv –

@DishSatellite  –

@eBay –

@EA –

@Air_Emirates –

@FergusonShowrms –

@Ford –

@GoPro –

@googlechrome –

@HertzCWB –

@HP –

@HiltonHotels –

@HyattPR –

@Hyundai –

@JetBlueAirlines –


@Kohler –

@LegalZoom –


@MyMMscom –

@Macys –

@_MarvelAvengers –

@MazdaUSA –

@musiciansfriend –

@Nationwide –

@neimanmarcus –

@netflix –

@NissanUSA –

@priceline –

@PrincessCruises –

@Register_com –

@RejuvenationInc –

@Sheraton_Hotels –

@Skype –

@sprint –

@StateFarm –

@SweetwaterSound –

@Target –

@TuneCore –


@UrbanOutfitters –

@VirginAtlantic –

@Visa –

@VW –

@WHotels –

@WeightWatchers –


@Westin –

@WilliamsSonoma –

@Yahoo –