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The Trichordist is dedicated to promoting the voices of artists on the issues effecting us online. We encourage our readers to submit posts for publishing on The Trichordist. We have a few simple guidelines and all submissions are subject to editorial acceptance, review and editing prior to publication.

1) 500 – 1,000 words is ideal for a single post. Longer form submissions will be broken into multiple posts, or edited down.

2) We are primarily interested in hearing from Artists directly and their experiences with the internet, good and bad.

3) We support all artists rights to their decisions and never attack other artists, even if we may disagree with their choices.

4) We’re interested in a range of topics, from copyright and piracy to observations and editorial about the content and tech industries.

You can contact us by sending an email directly to : the trichordist (one word) at mail dot com.

6 thoughts on “|| Submit A Story ||

  1. We are not born thieves, nor are we born ethical. Monkey see monkey do. We were raised in a culture of lying, cheating and stealing promoted by the powers that be for so many generations now that it’s engrained into normalcy.

    Even the supreme court is so confused it thinks corporations are people.

    There would be a lot more high quality art if artist were not made to feel it is of no value but to support rampant corruption and theft.

    If lawmakers had the backbone to separate themselves from the money they make by lying, cheating and stealing, there could be a legitimate police force to protect the oppressed form the oppressors.

    Lawmakers will not take action because the population asked them to. Votes and letters to congressmen are a joke. Status quo serves them too well. They will only take action if their wallets are in jeopardy, and they are always sure to make anyone suffer but themselves. The only vote worth a damn is the vote you make when you spend your money. If you don’t like a pizza parlor, don’t buy their pizza. If you hate Wall Street for stealing your money, quit paying them by adding to your portfolio on their hollow promises of riches or retirement. If you hate BP for poisoning the oceans, don’t buy their products. If you don’t want rain forests cut down, stop eating hamburgers.

    Put your money where your mouth is. It’s the only power you have until the money is taken away.

  2. I’m a songwriter, but not a singer. I’m tryin’ to find a singer or a band to write for. I write r@b, hiphop, jazz, country lyrics. If anybody is lookin’ for a songwriter in those categories, check me out on youtube, facebook, or twitter. You can also email me on yahoo.com.

    1. Most people think I’m a bit weird when I say, I have taken all my videos off Google, I closed my Google account and I’m banning Google. When I found this blog, it made me feel sane again. Now I say it’s not me who’s crazy, its the world that’s gone mad. The above comment shows how desperation has led us all blindly down this path. The old adage “don’t give up your day job,” just isn’t true anymore. Who could? There is an elephant in the room. It’s big, really big. I find your blogs paradigm shifting. I have been talking about some of this stuff with people I know for the past year. I found a video that shows you how to pirate music off off the net using a 1/8″ cable, a splitter and free software – Garage Band. This was on YouTube (Google). It’s disgusting. It’s great to see how far you have gone with this discussion. Your research is fantastic. Thanks.

  3. I am just trying to figure out something that is very difficult to understand and there is little information online..

    Say I want to listen to a Bob Marley song. Is the Love?

    Most every song, in the original format is available on YouTube so why do I need to buy music anymore.

    There is an ad at the beginning of the movie. Who makes money off that ad? Is it the guy who uploaded the video/music? Is it the Bob Marley estate? Is it Google? It just seems strange that all of this copyrighted music is now seen like it is open source software. There are 54,553,237 views. That is a lot of traffic and either lost revenue for the creator of this work or profit from someone else.

    How does the economics of this new digital music world work?????

    Someone please explain.



    1. Exactly. while artists have a “labor issue” with Spotify. YouTube is a full on indentured servitude sweatshop. It’s virtually impossible to pull your stuff off of YouTube. Because YouTube hides behind the DMCA safe harbor and claims it’ users upload the material.

      That said artists do get some revenue from youtube. It’s much worse than spotify rates (see Streaming Bible post). Here’s the kafka esque thing about YouTube. In order to get that revenue you have to sign a exploitative contract with them. If you don’t they just let people keep uploading your stuff.

      Trust me they’re next

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