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June 23, 2014

Musicians Took To The Streets in NYC This Past Weekend to Protest YouTube / Google

YouTube’s DMCA Abuse and Indie Lables: How Google is Blowing It For the Honest People | MTP

YouTube’s Ultimatum and The Economic Survival Of Musicians – hypebot

Seriously, What if Music Streaming Doesn’t Work Out? | RebelMouse

YouTube Still Using its Monopoly to Profit from Crime and Shaking Down Indies | MTP

Slacktivist Fan Entitlement Is Slowly Killing Punk | The Runout

How YouTube’s Subscription Service Terms Will Hurt Indie Labels | Billboard

YouTube music service: Google is threatening indie artists who don’t agree | Salon
Google’s About to Ruin YouTube by Squeezing Indie Labels | Gizmodo

YouTube to block indie labels who don’t sign up to new music service | The Guardian UK

Transparency in digital music:There’s a lot of work to be done | Music Ally

Study: Digital piracy linked to Internet addiction, ‘deviant’ friends| Washington Post

2.5 Million P2P Users Worldwide Illegally Shared The Top 60 Video Game Titles | Digital Journal

A Musician’s Take on a Tough Economy | Bill Moyers


June 16, 2014

Congress moves against ad-supported piracy | The Hill

“Successful” Licensing Models and the Opt Out: Music Licensing Study Comments | MTP

Credit Check: Serial “Bad Actors” Should Lose Access To Compulsory Licenses. | Trichordist

End internet piracy and bring Google to heel | Sydney Morning Herald

Artists Will Receive Nothing from the $3 Billion Beats Acquisition, Sources Say… | DMN

Musicians fear they’ll take a beating – Winnipeg Free Press

P2P Is Still Bigger Than Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram & Pandora… | DMN

Swimming Against the Stream: Musicians Fight for Their Worth in the Internet Era | SF Weekly

Changes to UK copyright law come into action | Business-Cloud.com

Privacy Trumps Piracy: Google’s Double Standard | Gotham Media

If Google can get rid of personal data, why can’t it purge the pirates? | The Guardian UK

Brandis and Turnbull working on joint piracy crackdown policy | ZDNet

Songwriters Are Losing $2.3 Billion A Year Due To Outdated Government Regulations | BuzzFeed

Jaron Lanier on Internet and middle class: “We have screwed things up”


June 9, 2014

Billy Bragg and other indie musicians blast YouTube rates | BBC

Van Dyke Parks on How Songwriters Are Getting Screwed in the Digital Age | The Daily Beast

T Bone Burnett’s plea: The piper must be paid | The LA Times

Beastie Boys Win $1.7 Million in Monster Energy Copyright Lawsuit | Rolling Stone

‘If YouTube’s bullying does not stop, the implications are very serious indeed’ | Music Week

The Justice Department will review 73-year-old music royalties rules | The Verge

Pandora Stock Falls On News Of Dept. Of Justice Review, Slowing Growth | HypeBot

Music Piracy Is and Should Remain Illegal | NoisePorn

File sharing is alive and well, to the tune of 300 million users a month | GigaOM

Consumers Received 1.3 Million Copyright Alerts¹ in 2013 as Part of Anti-Piracy Initiative | Variety

Pirate Bay founder arrested after two years on the run | The Guardian UK

Amazon to Introduce Streaming Music Service This Summer, Only Offering Songs 6-Months or Older | Mac Rumors

BREAKING: Amazon Caves To Independent Publishers | DMN



May 27, 2014

19 Indie Label Organizations Speak Out Against YouTubeŠ | Digital Music News

Google, Advertising, Money and Piracy. A History of Wrongdoing Exposed. | Trichordist

U2 manager: ‘Google is the greatest theft enabler on the internet’ | Music Week

YouTube subscription music licensing strikes wrong notes with indie labels | The Guardian UK

DOJ Should Investigate Google/YouTube Bullying of Indie Labels. If Not? Congress should investigate DOJ. | Trichordist

Google¹s plea against web censorship rings hollow | Vox Indie

Report links Google, Yahoo to Internet piracy sites | LA Times

YouTube Continues to Bully Indie Artists. Now Threatening to Reveal Personal Information.| Trichordist

Independent Labels Publicly Call For Fair Treatment From YouTube | A2IM

Martin Mills says safe harbour laws being Œabused¹ by YouTube and Grooveshark | Music Ally

For State Attorneys General, the Human Trafficking Investigations Should Start at YouTube | Music Tech Policy

Google Slammed by Mississippi Attorney General for ³Inaction² on Piracy | Variety

YouTube Monetizes Philippines Sex Tourism Videos, Music by Jack White, Song by U2, Ads by @greatwolflodge @prudentialbyc @spices4life | Music Tech Policy

What YouTube Really PaysŠ Makes Spotify Look Good! | Trichordist


May 12, 2014

David Pakman is Wrong on The Price Of Music (and streaming subscriptions) | Trichordist

Three Senior Republican Senators Introduce Legislation to Allow Songwriters to Receive Fair Pay | http://www.alexander.senate.gov

Blackburn, Eshoo Introduce Legislation to Protect Musicians’ Creative Content | http://blackburn.house.gov

Rep. Marsha Blackburn pushes radio to pay artist, label royalties | The Tennessean

Biden Slams Online Piracy: ‘What the Hell?’ | National Journal

Assailing Copyright Isn’t Conservative (A Response to Derek Khanna)| National Review Online

More Ad Dollars Flow to Pirated Video | WJS

Seller Beware: How Amazon’s New Streaming Service Plans to Screw Music Publishing | SonicBids

Music industry turning up D.C. volume in copyright war | Politico

Music industry revenue in 2013 stayed flat at $7 billion, RIAA says | LA Times

Pandora The Company Most Likely to Collapse in 2014 | The Street

Rap Genius Signs a Deal With the National Music Publishers’ Association… | DMN

Deal to combat piracy in UK imminent | BBC

Federal Government Looks Toward Major Crackdown On Online Piracy in Australia | TechFeeds

 84% of Content Consumed in Spain is Pirated | Billboard


May 5, 2014

Music industry stifled by old law | TheHill

The Difference Between a Pandora Executive and a Pandora Artist… | DMN

A Response to Steve Albini About The Internet and Musicians by UNSOUND Film Director | Trichordist

Net neutrality advocates need to get their facts straight – Economics – AEI

Kobalt Launches Their Own YouTube Detection Technology… | DMN

Merlin on YouTube music payouts: ‘Their figures are by far the worst’ | Music Ally

Streaming Price Index : Now with YouTube pay rates! #SXSW | The Trichordist

David Byrne: Breaking Up with the Internet | Creative Time Reports

Judge Jules becomes anti-piracy ambassador | Music Week

John Hane: Aereo’s TV Internet Broadcasts Are a Simple Case of Piracy – WSJ.com

‘Wicked’ Composer Stephen Schwartz Joins Fight Against Sheet Music Piracy | Billboard

Musicians struggle from streaming | The Crimson White


April 28, 2014

U.S. Chamber of Commerce names David Lowery a Global Intellectual Property Champion | UGA

Thievery Corporation Closes Their Label Because of StreamingŠ | DMN

Google¹s plea against web censorship rings hollow | Vox Indie

ASCAP President Paul Williams on Expo 2014, Consent Decrees & Pastrami Sandwiches, Daft Punk (Q&A)| ASCAP

SCOTUS v. the Internet: How the Supreme Court could change TV and streaming video forever | Salon

Net Neutrality Finally Dies at Ripe Old Age of 45 | Mother Jones

After $20,000 Is Raised, Spotify Rips Down the ŒSleepify¹ AlbumŠ | DMN

Blake Morgan Respects the Music | LivewellsLatest

Band Responds in the Worst Way Possible After Stealing Photographer¹s Work | Petapixel

YouTube starts advertising creators with TV ads, billboards and print campaigns | MusicAlly


April 21, 2014
After 4,175,149 Plays, Pandora Pays Bette Midler $144.21 | DMN

Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss? ­ 2 Years Later | The Trichordist

Researchers Claim That Releasing YouTube Music Videos Reduces Album Sales | Hypebot

Record Labels Sue Pandora Over Pre-1972 Recordings | Billboard

11 numbers that show how prolific illegal downloading is right now | Global Post

Google Transparency Report DMCA Claims | Google

Growing Consensus in Washington on Need for Modernizing Music Licensing | ASCAP

Download Sales Are Already Down 13.3 Percent In 2014Š | DMN

Kim Dotcom and Megaupload sued for copyright infringement by music labels | The Guardian

High Definition iTunes Music Downloads May Be on the Horizon | MacRumors

Prince re-signs deal with Warner Bros. Records after 18 year split | The Guardian
[If DIY/Indie internet empowerment doesn’t work for Prince, who does it work for?]



April 7, 2014

‘Grammys’ event strikes Hill chord | Politico

Pelosi, Hoyer and McCarthy jam at GRAMMYs on the Hill | The Hill

All Aboard the Music Bus : Commentary | Roll Call

Online Piracy Finally In the Crosshairs | William Buckley Jr. HuffPo

The Quest for Royalties for the Use of Sound Recordings on AM/FM Radio: In Full Swing | Gladstone Michel Blog

#SXSW REWIND : Venture Capitalist Admits Artists Can Not Make A Living On Streaming RoyaltiesŠ | Trichordist

After 4,175,149 Plays, Pandora Pays Bette Midler $144.21 | Digital Music News

I¹m a Grammy Nominated Artist. Want to See My Royalty Statements? | Digital Music News

Dean Wareham: ³You can get attention. You just can¹t sell music² | Salon

David Byrne speaks out again on artists¹ survival in the streaming music era | MusicAlly

Nobody should be surprised that Spotify is already planning its IPO | MusicAlly

Exclusive: ŒYouTube Music¹ Is Launching This SummerŠ | Digital Music News

YouTube subscription music launch nears, but will terms be a sticking point? | MusicAlly



 March 17, 2014

Maria Schneider on Copyright at the Congressional Hearing on the DMCA March 13, 2014

McCaul speaks on music¹s role in diplomacy At SXSW with Daryl Friedman | The Statesman

Victims of IP theft need better protection By Reps. Judy Chu and Tom Marino | The Hill

Should Artists Hitch Their Royalties to Advertising in the YouTube Monopoly: @zoecello¹s insights | Music Tech Policy

House panel wants to fix online piracy ‘Whac-A-Mole’ | The Hill

Goodlatte and Schiff and the Elephant in the Room | Music Tech Policy

Study Shows Sites Distributing Stolen Content Profits Significantly Through Advertisement | Copyright Alliance

Slate’s Anti Copyright rant sounds like a letter from your psycho ex. | ADLAND

I Created Sons of Anarchy. Here’s Why I Hate Google’s Stance on Copyright. | Slate

Did Slate Sell it¹s Journalistic Integrity to Google -oops I mean New America Foundation Which is Run by Google Lobbyist? | Trichordist

Google’s Testimony on Notice & Takedown: A Fact Check | RIAA



 March 10, 2014

Google Receives Its 100 Millionth Piracy Notice. Nothing ChangesŠ

Safe Harbor Not Loophole: Five Things We Could Do Right Now to Make the DMCA Notice and Takedown Work Better

Is this really what Congress had in mind when it created the DMCA?

The DMCA is not an Alibi: The Googlization of Art and Artists

The DMCA is BrokenŠ

How DMCA Abuse Hurts Content Creators

Copyright Erosion: How DMCA Misuse Became A Multimillion Dollar Shakedown and Income Transfer

Is it Time to Repair the DMCA?

The Failure of the DMCA Notice and Takedown System

The DMCA License?


March 3, 2014

The Songwriter Equity Act | ASCAP

We¹re being screwed by Spotify! David Byrne, R.E.M.¹s Mike Mills and Cake¹s John McCrea on the fight for artists¹ rights | Salon
MTP Interview with Blake Morgan on the First 30 Days of #irespectmusic | MTP

I¹m a Successful Indie Artist. And This Is What Streaming Services Are Paying MeŠ | DMN

Musicians Sing for a Cause That¹s Their Own | The New York Times

It¹s time to end compulsory licensing for digital music | Techliberation

Aereo infringes says international associations and copyright scholars to SCOTUS | Barry Sookman

Spotify and Ministry of Sound agree to end legal action | BBC

Court Says YouTube Cannot Publicly Blame GEMA for Blocked VideosŠ | DMN

Lou Reed Exploited By American Express, AT&T, Chevrolet, Chili¹s, Lysol, Pottery Barn, Vons, Domino¹s Pizza, Netflix, Galaxy Nexus and Ron Jeremy!| Trichordist



 February 24, 2014

Gloria Steinem & Pearl Jam Support IRESPECTMUSIC.ORG | Facebook

Over 50 Major Brands Funding Music Piracy, It¹s Big Business! | Trichordist

More proof that online piracy is profitable (for pirates) | Vox Indie

Digital albums overtake CDs in the US, but iTunes music revenues down | Music Ally

Spotify seeks to hire U.S. filings expert as bankers eye IPO | Reuters

Streaming Services Will Never Become Profitable, Study Finds… | Digital Music News

Streaming State-of-Play Update:Trichordist Data Comparison | The Cynical Musician

Camper Van Beethoven’s 2013 Net Profit Was $645 Million Dollars Higher Than Twitter.

Eyesight for the Willfully Blind, Part 1: YouTube, Jailbait and Bangin¹ Up the Femoral Vein | Music

Homegrown Music: The Challenges Of Running A Record Label in D.C. | Music Download



February 17, 2014

New Report Says How Much Advertising Is Going to Piracy Sites | Adweek

Pandora Suit May Upend Century-Old Royalty Plan | NY Times

Digital Citizens Alliance

Is The Piracy Threat Really Decreasing? | The Trichordist

Rip It, Burn it, Steal It | Crime Inc CNBC [VIDEO]

Attention Mr. Almunia: Townspeople with Pitchforks in the South of France Confirm YouTube is a Monopoly | Music Tech Policy

The Tyranny of Legality | The Cynical Musician

7 royalty cheques that¹ll make you lose your faith in the music industry | AUX

How You¹re Murdering the Music Industry. | unEARTH Music Hub

I Respect Music ­ Pass it on YouTube Video!




February 10, 2014

NARAS LA Chapter | GRAMMYs on The Hill Town Hall Meeting

Washington Turned a Deaf Ear to Artists’ Rights Until One Guy Wrote The Words “I Respect Music” on an Index Card and Showed It to the World

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Congress to Support Artists’ Pay for Radio Play.

Twitter Hastag #irespectmusic

Steven Tyler, Britney Spears voice copyright concerns

Music Ally¹s Midem Recap: The Music Industry¹s YouTube Problem

The 13 Most Artist-Unfriendly Companies In the WorldŠ

A Pirate Asks a Google Executive, ŒWhy Is It So Easy to Steal Music from You?¹

Jean Michel Jarre: ‘Artists are the collateral damage of the tech giants’

Music Thievery Laid Bare : When Pirates Rip Off Working Class Artists : Guest Post by David Cloyd

Google pretends to care about human rights

Architecture Astronauts and the New Music Business


February 3, 2014

“I Respect Music” Campaign, over 7,000 Signatures with Support from David Byrne, Patrick Stewart and More.
Twitter Hastag #irespectmusic

David Byrne : Performance Royalties on Commercial Radio

Best Music Tour Of The Year ‹ No Roadies Required

Ninja Tune Puts This Warning Sticker On All New ReleasesŠ

U2 Manager Paul McGuinness Receives Billboard’s Industry Icon Award at Midem

Keeping Fair Use ³Fair²

³Annotated² Lyric Sites Are Not ³Fair Users² of Others¹ Music. Guest Post By Thomas D. Sydnor II

Oral Testimony of David Lowery to House Subcommittee On Courts Intellectual Property and the Internet Jan 28 2014

Bring Out Your Dead: Goldieblox Gets Superbowl After Ripping Off Dead Guys and Marketing by Lawsuit

Preliminary questions in Aereo: What is ³to the public²?




 January 27, 2014
irespectmusic.org and #irespectmusic hashtag

Burt Bacharach Urges Policymakers to #StandWithSongwriters

28.5 Million Tune In for 56th Annual Grammy Awards, Second-Highest in Over Two Decade

Lady Gaga and Others Help Raise $5.5m For MusiCares Honoring Carole King | Variety

Download Sales Off to Terrible Start in 2014 | Billboard

Music Canada: Block Websites That Pirate Music, Crack Down On Google

Yes, Piracy Does Cause Economic Harm

What the heck is ³net neutrality² anyhow? Back To Basics | TPD

For State Attorneys General, the Human Trafficking Investigations Should Start at YouTube

BONUS LINK: ACTIONABLE ADVOCACY, ENGAGE! Patrick Stewart Supports #irespectmusic

January 21, 2014

Famed Musician/Producer Michael Beinhorn Added to NAMM Artists Rights Panel Thu 1/23 ­ 3pm

Don Henley talks about Google Vs. Musicians | LA Times

Google Receives Its 100 Millionth Piracy Notice. Nothing Changes… | DMN

How Google (Doesn¹t) Fight Piracy | Vox Indie

David Lowery Talks Artists Rights | The BBC

Launches “I Respect Music . Org” Launches

Gene Simmons Speaks Out Once Again About Music Piracy | Slyck

FCC Shelves Pandora’s Bid For South Dakota Radio Station | Billboard

The Hubris Behind Google’s Demotion of Rap Genius (Guest Post) | Billboard

91 Percent of All Artists Are Completely UndiscoveredŠ | DMN

Radio’s Answer to Spotify? Less Variety | WSJ

January 13, 2014
Why Music Matters

UNSOUND : Zoe Keating Interview : Part 1 (Grammy’s On The Hill Alumn) [VIDEO]

NAMM 2014 – Copyright, the Internet and You – Panel (Thu Jan 23, 3pm)

Top MPAA Lawyer on Google’s Failures, Suing Kim Dotcom and Obama After SOPA (Q&A)

Supreme Court to hear broadcasters’ case against Aereo

Google’s Piracy Liability

Italy approves measure to clamp down harder on piracy

Arts, Entertainment, and Culture Add Tremendous Value to National Economy [VIDEO]

Google, Advertising, Money and Piracy. A History of Wrongdoing Exposed

After Abandoning IRFA, Will Pandora Join the Fight Against Brand Sponsored Piracy?

January 6, 2014

The Recording Academy® To Host Register Of Copyrights For Creator Roundtables – Yahoo

Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Profiled on 60 Minutes | CBS News

Spotify, YouTube, Streaming Services Are Killing Digital Downloads | TIME.com

The case against Kim Dotcom, finally revealed | Ars Technica

David Byrne: ³Do you really think people are going to keep putting time and effort into this, if no one is making any money?² | Salon

Graham Henderson: ³Of what is and is not brokenŠ² | Music Canada

Digital Music Sales Decrease For First Time in 2013 | Billboard

Pandora loses BMI court battle over music licensing | Circa

How A Fabricated Story About Iron Maiden¹s Love Of Music Pirates Became Internet Truth | Tech Crunch

UGA Undesirable Lyric Website Project | UGA

December 16, 2013

Defining and Demanding a Musician¹s Fair Shake in the Internet Age | NY Times

Deutch Doesn¹t Play When It Comes to Piano | Heard On The Hill

Google Slammed by Attorney General for ³Inaction² on Piracy | Variety

Beastie Boys Sue GoldieBlox For Acting With “Oppression, Fraud, And Malice” | Gothamist

Beasties Countersue GoldieBlox­GoldieBlox brings in Google Books Lawyer | Trichordist

The MPAA Sent Out 25 Million DMCA Notices in Six Months, only 8 Contested | Softpedia

Betting On A Washington Underdog | Grammy.com

Report links Google, Yahoo to Internet piracy sites | LA Times

Why is Ad Tech Still Funding Piracy? | Digiday

December 9, 2013

French court orders search firms to block pirate sites | BBC

Police crackdown on pirate site ads | BBC

Internet firms ordered to block file-share sites – Independent.ie

What Does Hotfile’s Closure Mean to You? | Plagiarism Today

Rap Genius Says It Will Seek Licenses for Lyrics | NYT

Aimee Mann Wins First Round of Digital Music Lawsuit | Billboard

16 Artists That Are Now Speaking Out Against Streaming, Piracy, Etc | DMN

David Lowery: Silicon Valley must be stopped, or creativity will be destroyed | SALON

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