The Trichordist Random Reader Weekly News & Links Sun Jul 8

Grab the Coffee!

Here’s how the internet and tech industry are getting one step closer to dismantling copyright. Essential reading for all creators By Andrew Orlowski from The Register UK:

Radiohead would not exist without early major label funding and another band like them may never have the opportunity to ever exist again. Mike Doughty posts:

The High Price Of Free Music – How Illegal Downloads are Silencing Artists, Daily Finance Reports:

TrustMeImAScientist breaks down the math on Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter:

UPDATE: A look at how the numbers really look from Spotify, Music Tech Policy Reports:

Why Spotify doesn’t make sense for musicians, The Atlantic Reports:

The ongoing saga of The Oatmeal Vs. FunnyJunk continues, we love Matt Innman. Ars Technica reports:

UPDATE: Grooveshark V Digital Music News, Digital Music News Reports:

Time Magazine reports on the pending Six Strikes Policy for US ISPs and the Center For Copyright Information :

Twitter maintains that users “own” their own tweets. Be nice if artists were allowed to own their own songs. Skip to end, The New York Times reports:

The Village Voice summarizes “All Of The Arguments About Digital Music”… sorta…

Artists Rights are not limited to issues online as Digital Music News reports:

Several artists rights groups responded with links – we’d love to hear from musicians about these Organizations: