Mythbusters, Why Internet Pirates Will Not Win (and should just get over it)

PaidContent/GigaOm writer Jeff John Roberts wrote a brief but on the mark editorial summarizing the work of economist Micheal D. Smith at the Tepper School of Business Carnegie Mellon University. The most important take away from the research is, as Roberts states, “how the piracy debate is still driven by ideology not facts.” Read the article [here].

3 thoughts on “Mythbusters, Why Internet Pirates Will Not Win (and should just get over it)


    It is interesting to read an article on the listening quality of music as a function of bit rate that can be afforded by the consumer that doesn’t account for the costs of high fidelity recording in a market where the technologies that enable piracy consume the resources required for high fidelity recording.

    It is a philosophy of philosophers who put sticks in their eyes so they can see the truth more clearly.

  2. Having now read the article, it is pretty weak. The comments are more illuminating. As noted, the myths prevail and don’t seem to be evolving in intent or depth. It is as said about the elections, a post-truth society. Trying to shift public perceptions is worthwhile but a long cycle game. Mistakes made ten years ago will be paid for the next ten. And so it goes.

    Means and measures for fighting piracy are the next focus. The piracy culture of the Carribean has never died and is still mythologized. Fast communications, tracking, rapid response, and means to blow boats out of the water made it a manageable threat. That is the myth that needs to be overcome is the myth of pirate invulnerability, the analog to rape is inevitable so enjoy it.

  3. Jeff has made a few small but noticeable errors in summarizing Michael’s research & argument’s. I hope that those comnenting on the weaker elements of Jeff’s logic will read the original report.

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