Weekly Recap and News Sunday Nov 11, 2012

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* Madison Avenue and Media Piracy, Are Online Ad Networks the Birth of SkyNet?
* Bad News, Good News, Bad News. Internet Radio “Fairness” Act Sponsor and Conservative UT Congressman Chaffetz Taunts Musicians; Admits to Belief in Evolution; Urges Government Interference In Markets.
* Muzzling Free Speech By Artists: IRFA Section 5 Analysis
* Lobbyist For CCIA Makes All Kinds of Wild Claims About Copyright Management Organizations. BMI ASCAP SOCAN SAMI Included in Charges of Corruption.

From Around The Web:

Friday’s End Notes 11/09/12 (Essential Weekly Reading)

Dan Ariely
How to Stop Illegal Downloads
“Before it was my book being illegally downloaded, I was more on the “Information wants to be free” end of the spectrum. The sudden, though predictable, shift in my feelings when I found my own work being downloaded for free was a jarring experience.”

Digital Music News
Goldman Sachs Is About to Invest $100 Million In Spotify…
Dear Pandora, You Totally Suck. Signed, Songwriters…
Pandora Is Now Suing ASCAP to Lower Songwriter Royalties…

Spotify Is Having A Good 2012: Revenues Could Reach $500M As It Expands The Digital Music Market

Songwriters Are Left Out of Pandora’s Royalty Plan: Guest Post by Downtown Music’s Justin Kalifowitz

The Hill:
NAACP blasts Pandora-backed Internet royalty bill

The New York Times:
A Clash Across Europe Over the Value of a Click

The Precursor Blog:
Google’s Top Ten Anti-Privacy Quotes — Part 3 In Google’s Own Words Series
“We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about”Google Chairman Eric Schmidt 10-1-10 per the Atlantic

Torrent Freak:
Supreme Court Rejects Hearing For Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde
RapidShare Limits Public Download Traffic to Drive Away Pirates
“Six-Strikes” BitTorrent Crackdown May Target Private Trackers

Columbia Journalism Review:
Audit Notes: digital ads, margins of error, freehadists – French publishing’s online revenues make the Americans look good

Music Tech Policy:
IRFA and the Future of Music Policy Summit: Why Would FOMC Miss An Opportunity to Defend Artist Rights?
Stretching the Possibilities of Offensiveness, Pandora Demonstrates How to be Ugly at Scale

The Washington Examiner:
Report: Google and Facebook competing for an Obama cabinet slot

Digital Trends:
Sorry, Internet, SOPA had zero effect on election day results
“Of the 24 House Members up for reelection who co-sponsored or otherwise supported the highly contentious anti-piracy legislation, all but three won reelection on Tuesday. This includes Republican Rep. Lamar Smith, of Texas, SOPA’s author and chief co-sponsor who became the Internet’s Enemy No. 1”

Free Online Music in China Coming to An End?