Video of the “Radio Active” panel at The Future of Music Summit 2012.

Video from the Radio Active panel discussion of the Internet Radio (un)Fairness Act.  Most of the fireworks are towards the end between Michael Petricone of the Consumer Electronics Association (Why are they here?) and myself.

Of key importance is the slide I am showing on my computer

4 thoughts on “Video of the “Radio Active” panel at The Future of Music Summit 2012.

  1. The real elephant is what Colin is talking about at 15′, the lack of performance royalties for terrestrial radio. But what Petricone says about “fair play” between satellite and internet radio is completely ignoring the fact that internet radio is multicast where satellite and terrestrial are single cast. If multicast radio had to up the rates to match a single broadcast to multiple listener’s rates, it would be insane, as multicast is broadcasting a million individual songs per minute to a million listeners. If each one were like the $0.09 of terrestrial to BMI/ASCAP that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?
    The comparison can’t be made. It seems like Pandora is only in it to stifle the competition, if satellite is competition to internet radio.

  2. Once again I hear the comments about “benefits to performing artists” without acknowledging the fact that many recording artists are not performing artists. The comments on the article from the Obama administration reveal the continuing lack of understanding of how the ecology of music actually is constituted.

  3. @Len Bullard: I’m a writer, as anyone who’s heard me sing would be happy to know. I’ve had my own problems with people on the WWW ripping-off my work. So, I mostly know the ecology of the book-publishing industry. But I also teach math and logic, so I’d like to know: By what logic do you differentiate between those musicians who both perform their music live AND record it, and those who only record it. Sid someone sneak into the dictionaries of the World and change the definition of the word “performer”?

  4. Could see the steam boiling out of your ears when they promoted their false arguments.
    Thanks for sticking up for us musicians, keep up the good work.

    At the end of the day, it is NOT our responsibility to prop up other peoples’ business models. If they wish to use our product, great; Pay the asking price. If that’s not feasible, negotiate with us. Don’t skip that step and buy a Congressman to set market rates because you don’t want to run TWO whole ads an hour.. or heck, even just one extra ad every 2nd hour.
    I’ll give them one thing though… they’ve studied the Right-Wing slogan making machine in coming up with the title of the Bill. They know people don’t take the 3 minutes to actually read the bill. “Oh it says ‘Fairness’… i’m for that” kind of support… What a joke.

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